Alternative to Dropbox: SugarSync

on Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dropbox and SugarSync offer more than 2 GB of memory, to compare them easily between Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and other systems. So they make sure that we all have easy access to the data - and by the way, these files are also saved in an online backup. The question remains as to whether one takes the classic or the new competitor Dropbox Sugarsync.

Backup, backup, backup.

More than you need security on the computer really do not know.

 One possibility, at least its most important documents should be kept as a backup, are online storage with synchronization capabilities, for example, Dropbox  and  Sugarsync.

Dropbox vs. SugarSync

Among the essential functions are the same counterparty:

  • To use the service, you will need one account with a valid e-mail address and password. Thanks to  Dropbox  or  SugarSync  first fix and costs nothing. Try to perfect.
  • Both allow you to run files between different systems on different platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux) automatically sync.
  • Both have a web interface that allows you files also may without the client software up-and download.
  • Both allow you to make files accessible to third parties.
  • Both offer and that is really a cool feature, a version control system: you can use it fairly reliably restore previous versions of a file or deleted files, I personally think it's mature in Dropbox, but that's probably because I this service longer know.

Significant differences can be seen on closer examination:

  • SugarSync offers more memory:  5 GB free (up to 10 GB through a friend), Dropbox only 2 GB (but up to 16 GB through a friend). If you want more pay: With Dropbox, for example, $ 99 for 50 GB per year, Sugarsync for example $ 99 for 60 GB per year. One look at the pricing that Dropbox is the top dog and Sugarsync sounds the attack - which is currently the users benefit.
  • SugarSync is a free configurable: Dropbox sync, especially a Dropbox directory (which you can move freely), Sugarsync sync * any * directories between systems, so it could be used to match, for example, configuration files
  • Dropbox is simple , just because you can limit itself to match just a Dropbox directory; Sugarsync offers to a "magic briefcase", which seems to me a bit later glued and unnecessarily complicated. SugarSync also offers a real file manager.
  • SugarSync allows you to upload your mailbox:  So you can send by e-mail a PDF to a secret address, these lands in sync memory. The Enable in the Web UI on  account  (top right), below the range  settings , menu item  Submit by e-mail .), can be used for example for webcasting of message attachments that you will get them directly through apps from the store.

Dropbox or SugarSync?

If you ask me,

  • take  Dropbox if  you want it as simple as possible and really just want to sync an explicit folder;
  • take  SugarSync if  you want sync great detail various directories on different disks (not wet, not gemapte clearances)

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'Alternative to Dropbox: SugarSync'

  1. I still prefer GoodSync by Siber Systems. GoodSync lets me sync with any local storage devices I own as well as any third party cloud storage service. I highly recommend GoodSync to anyone looking for a powerful backup and synchronization tool.

  2. Unfortunately there is no sugarsync client for linux (afaik) :(
    I would love to give it a try.