Windows Live Messenger

on Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Windows Live Messenger: Always be in contact with your friends

Would you like with your friends and business partners around the world with little effort and no additional cost in real-time chat, exchange messages and even phone calls? If so, Windows Live Messenger is the instant messaging program from Microsoft, and the successor to MSN Messenger. It is only available for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Since September 2006, users of Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger services across communicate. Something you want to meet the leadership of AIM. [1] Many users still the old name of MSN Messenger or just MSN for both the service (. NET Messenger Service), as well as the client program is used.

The service has 263 million users worldwide. With Windows Live Messenger, it is possible, in addition to the usual chat and webcam to hold conferences to play online games, share files and make calls over the Internet. Meanwhile, the Windows Live Messenger available in version 8.5, since version 7.5 and is supported only by the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003. This version is designed entirely in the design of the new Windows Vista. Users of previous versions of Microsoft Windows must be content to take with MSN Messenger 7.0.

With MSN Mobile service, it is also possible to use the Windows Live Messenger on smartphones, the Ogo and restricted via SMS text messages. Developers such as Agile now offer instant messaging programs for mobile phones.

The messaging service is in addition to the official client from the Microsoft made available to third-party Web Messenger and eBuddy and Meebo on any modern web browser can be used. For many operating systems are also available from third-party clients, but the support from Microsoft, but approved only with an uncertain future, in the past, the protocol has been changed many times in a form which made an adjustment to that clients require.
Windows Live Messenger

Recent innovations

In the 2011 version, it is for Live Messenger - users finally able to send offline messages. In addition, the contact list can now contain 600 numbers and there is a chance to share for fast data exchange folder.

The software can

The "Windows Live Messenger" Microsoft is the most versatile of the instant messengers, and offers a variety of features that can not keep up with the most competing products. In addition to the usual function of chatting in real time, you also in combination with your webcam can be used, it makes you the Messenger easily stay in touch with your friends from all over the world in touch. You can also easily send messages to friends who are driving and mobile phone use or other mobile devices. It is also possible to send voice messages to your contacts in Yahoo! Messenger or even free from PC to PC phone calls. Even video conferencing in full screen mode with the "Windows Live Messenger" with a few mouse clicks to perform any problems even for beginners. With the extensive address book that updates itself when one of your friends changes their contact information, you are also always up to date - and all without additional cost and effort.

The "Windows Live Messenger" is the best and most comprehensive Live Messenger on the market. Ease of use and a variety of practical features of this freeware program to make as good as indispensable.


System Requirements

The "Windows Live Messenger" is for all PCs running the Windows operating system, XP, Vista and Windows 7 available. To use the program, you will also need an Internet connection and an email address.