What are the commissions for affiliates?

on Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Is a common question to ask on affiliate marketing: "How much are the fees?"

I try to give an answer in this article, even if, as so often, is not quite so simple turns.

commission junction

Commission is not the same commission

There is not just one kind of commission, but various commission models.

These differ primarily according to the conditions that must be met before a commission is paid.

But there are also differences in the time of disbursement. So there are usually one-off commission, but also commissions, which are paid for a certain period.

Sometimes there are even combinations.

What are the commissions of affiliate programs?

The commission rate itself varies, sometimes significantly from Portal to Portal.

Often one finds percentage commissions be 2, 5 or 10% of value of goods. Not infrequently, there are commission scales, which depends on the number of sales or leads. So you get above a certain number of Amazon Sales paid a higher percentage.

There are affiliate programs where you earn per sale or lead only 30 or 40 cents. Recently, I have seen another program where you get $ 500 per lead.

The range is very large and the very tempting high commissions. But beware, the amount of the commission is not in itself decisive.

Not only to the commission to decide?

It is tempting to simply choose the affiliate programs with the highest commissions. But this often leads to the one earns no money. Why is that?

High commissions are usually a sign that it is an expensive product and / or a not so easy is to mediating product.

There are as online tools that bring registrations per 100 euros. The problem is that the target audience for this is not so great and you also still has to make a lot of persuasion, because these tools cost very much money.

However, there are, for example, 60 cents for a browser game lead. Since participation in such an online game is free, however, to win it is quite easy for new "customers". Because it makes the ground.

Ideally, if we look not at the level of the commission, but a measure such as EPC or EPHUC.

EPC indicates how high were the receipts of active affiliates for each click on the affiliate link / banner on average. EPHUC indicates how much was earned per 100 unique clicks.

These figures are much more meaningful than the bare amount of commission because they indicate how much is deserved with a Portal. And the nice thing is that you will actually only need to optimize one thing that CTR.


One should as a budding affiliate not blinded by the amount of commission or deterred.

This does not tell us how much you can really earn a Portal.