Web Applications, A Promising Future

on Wednesday, 12 December 2012

In recent years, web applications have grown tremendously compared to traditional desktop applications that need to be installed on each computer. The Web-based solutions are becoming the future of the software industry, given their advantages.
Web Applications

Using all web applications. "Gmail" for example, or any other e-mail application that can be opened on the internet using a web browser (Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, ...).

Another good example is the emergence of WebApps applications integrated customer relationship management (CRM), a seller can use anytime, anywhere, or to record new business leads and prospects, or to input and validate sales orders. Also among these applications, there are those that offer optional access to a local part of the application installed on your computer so you can continue working even if you do not have an internet connection. And they are gaining in popularity and become leaders in the market and will gradually replace the traditional desktop applications.

What are the advantages of using web application in the future and what sectors of the software industry?

1. No installation , unlike other software, web application implemented on a server accessible by the user immediately without installation on your own computer, when the user's computer is equipped a Web browser and a network connection. This avoids intervention of system administrators. Interventions that are often more costly than the software itself.
2. To perform an update of the application, simply update the program on the server .
3. Improved mobility : a web application is accessible from anywhere, and can be executed locally (intranet) or remotely (via Internet or extranet).
4. they are multi-media and multi , they can be used from a computer, like a smartphone or tablet.
5. they are compatible with all operating systems of the user's machine (Windows, Linux, Mac OS ...)

It can therefore be concluded that Web applications have many advantages and are very competitive and offers many more possibilities for users compared to their competitors like thick clients.

Software publishers and service companies (SSII) offer more application development web form. It is doubtless that is the future of software!