Trillian: A convenient multi-messenger tool

on Monday, 31 December 2012


trillian  messenger

The free and ad-free software "Trillian" Astra by Cerulean Studios (short CS) is a multi-protocol client, ie, a tool that lets you select various instant messenger accounts at once and chat with people, can the other instant messenger use than oneself. You can choose between the free Basic and the paid Pro version. "Trillian" Pro offers numerous benefits, so you can, for example, integrate the program into the browser, it has shown the ability to video chat and get chat logs, it will further support and Messenger can be embedded plugins that enhance the functionality of the program. The Pro version of "Trillian" Astra can be for 30 days free trial and online purchase of the manufacturer as an upgrade for $ 10 or as a full version for $ 25.

The software can

"Trillian" supports all popular messengers like ICQ , AIM, Windows Live Messenger , Yahoo! Messenger , MSN, IRC and Gaim for text and audio chat. Also available to a variety of skins, emoticons, sounds and symbols to decorate the user interface. In "Trillian" individual Messenger for clarity are color-coded (blue for the Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! for red, green for ICQ, AIM for orange and white for IRC). When the Pro version is that there are more colors for more Messenger.

This one has the possibility to use multiple profiles simultaneously, the individual login details are encrypted separately for each network, and provided in the absence of incoming messages with a time stamp. Integrated into the program Instant Lookup provides instant lookup of individual words from the chat in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, the nachschlagbaren entries will be clickable. It also has the option of using the right mouse button to click on the word and thus to equip search engines in the browser.

Installation and Configuration Tips

During installation, by default, equal with the Ask toolbar is installed, unless you remove the hooks in the setup.

The editorial says the net world to Trillian

If one of many different messenger services may have an account and regularly chats, then the installation of "Trillian" Definitely worth.

System Requirements

The Messenger tool "Trillian" is in the current version just under 15 MB in size and is for the Windows operating system (Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 , with all available service packs) in different languages ​​(English, German, Spanish, Italian French, Russian, offered Swedish, Finnish, Czech, Danish).