Linkbait - Strategy and Examples

on Monday, 17 December 2012
Linkbait - Strategy and Examples

Backlinks (links from other websites on your own site) are one of the biggest methods used in the race to the top of Google’s rankings. A good relevant backlinks do not fall from the sky, this is something that takes time and many webmasters know their values. Therefore, a higher investment of time, creativity, work, etc. is required. To become Awesome of course; you need to take measures that lead to semi-automated backlinks. The best-automated backlink creator is called Linkbait, practically, bait comes with features such as lottery and almost or all participants should compete by see the one who brings a lot of visitors to a page. Below is all you need to know about Linkbaits with a positive and a negative example.

Linkbait definition

According to English dictionaries, bait simply means to lure or using something to attract another thing. Therefore, you can use Linkbait to attract users from other websites.

Strategy Linkbaits

Linkbait is made to make obey the principal of linking. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything such as Google penalties. This means that your links should be traceable to search engines. However, since such actions, require good planning, but it can control the limited number and the zeilseite that will be linked with can tolerate different links.

The value must be exceptionally large for an important automatic recommendation. It is often difficult to get the action going. Therefore, necessary to run target group which are defined and have to be addressed with clear important distribution plan. Experience has shown that in practice, the problem is usually in following circumstances. Therefore, all preparations Zeilseite, server load, monitor relevant channels, etc. should be pre-planned as far as possible. When you have completed and implemented the measures, it is considered as a start. Then, the action now begins and it demands your full attention and dedication. Therefore, one should not underestimate the time required beyond the mere preparation phase.

Examples of Linkbaits

There are of course multitudes of more or less good Linkbait campaigns. I would like to single out and briefly introduce two examples.

Zalando shoe Flatrate

Zalando raffled off in a given period among all participants, called a PC. The winner could be distributed 12 pairs of shoes per year for free. However, the condition is, they must follow their favorite shoes on your websites and other websites like Facebook and others. Therefore, it is obvious that most participants will ever Zalando link and look into the same range for beautiful model and also the same links.

Zalando won because it had 4,000 relevant links between Home and numerous product bases. Especially if the latter are difficultly linkable, and the natural spread eased somehow link the sudden growth. If one looks for zalando shoe flatrate on Google, you will find whopping 50,000 results. This is because of the likely planning effort, and associated costs are worthwhile.