Is Blogging a real business model?

on Thursday, 20 December 2012

That is an interesting question, and it is not so easy to answer.

Here, you will get different opinions and that is certainly given by very different revenue Blogs German and English-language blogs that are understandable.

In this article, I will explore the question of whether blogging is actually a business model and what one needs to do, to make it work.

What is a business model?

According to Wikipedia: business model is mainly characterized by three components:

  • Value Proposition: Business model must have a clear benefit. What it brings to potential customers?
  • Value chain structure: It is about, what benefits are provided. What products or services you offer, etc.
  • Revenue model: The point of cause is very important. Is there a clear answer to the question "How is money earned?"

To determine if blogging is a real business model, I will try to go through these 3 points in time with respect to blogs:

  • The value proposition of blogs: This is the first thing that matters even before finding and starting a blog niche and defining its USP. The benefit of blogs is the information. In addition, it is particularly useful when the information cannot be found anywhere else. However, if you simply copy other blogs and nothing is different or better, your readers are more likely to ignore your website.
  • Architecture of the value: Through this point, you have to make a decision if you are blogging just for hobby or it is for business purposes. Therefore, if you want to make a living out of blogging, make sure that your blogs are targeting a particular audience. Regular blogging and consistent marketing should be included. In addition, analysis of competition and the integration of external expertise are included under this point. There must be a clear strategy, to make your blogs useful to the readers.
  • Revenue model: This point is certainly not as easy to answer or explain. There are many sources of income, which can be used by bloggers. However, in my opinion, not every source of income is really a revenue model. It is important that you go for a clear strategy and not just trying to earn a little here and there to make accumulate.

As you can see from this analysis, it is not so easy to judge whether blogging is a business model or not. As with so many things in life, it is also on the individual case.

Items you should do to make your blog a real business

The following items are very important when it comes to turning your blog into a real business according to my opinion.

1. Setting

The first thing you should set your mind and attitude. Of cause, anyone who is writing for fun can write anything, but you simply require more.  Blogging for fun is also an important factor, but you also require more. You must start thinking like an entrepreneur.

You have to take time regularly for blogging. The term ‘Regularly’ is an important word here. Even when you feel like you do not want blog or prefer doing something else.

Remember that your readers are your customers and they should be treated as such. Professionalism is required when dealing with your customers and take them seriously.


Planning is also a very important factor to consider. The fact that one can start a blog today at no cost, which will take you around five minutes, does not mean that you do not require planning. You start first and then you will see.

However, any person who starts a blog from the beginning has a good chance to be successful, due to planning.

For your blog of cause to work as a business, all the 3 points highlighted above must be applied. To whoever applies good planning of a blog from the beginning builds a good foundation for the business.

The planning of a blog include; the USP, the niche, the content and scheduling, marketing and monetization.

2. Marketing and monetizing

for a blogger to do this, they must first plan contents on their blogs.  However, unfortunately many go with the attitude of having only good content range. Sorry, but that's bullshit. This is exactly why many small businesses go out of business daily.

Without marketing, it is now very difficult to think about anything, let alone be truly successful.
Therefore, you should take your time to add blogs regularly for marketing your own blogs.
Even the outward appearance must be professional. There is of course the first time to take comp. The first impression is very important. Also their own style and dealing with readers is an important point.
And as far as monetization is concerned, it is important that one thinks about long-term and stable sources of income. This should be tested and constantly optimize.

3. Making contacts

Making contacts with other bloggers is also very important to your blogging business. Therefore, to whoever makes contact with other bloggers have a higher chance to become successful.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I get my advertisers as to a large extent on previously formed contacts.

However, the involvement of external know-how is advancing your blog. For example, I always guest article on this blog, covering topics in which I am not as fit. In the medium term it is even possible to include one or two regular co-author.

4. Long-term thinking

entrepreneurs think ideally long term. Therefore, to be considered in all decisions about blogging in the long run, you should evaluate the impact short-term actions?

When I see how publish professional blogs-topic posts, only to temporarily get readers, then that is in my opinion a big mistake. In the long run something like revenge.

A professional blog needs to build an image and keep this on.

Evaluate your goals and think how you can achieve these goals best.

5. Analysis

You should not forget to check the analysis of your progress. One should regularly "withdraw 2-3 steps" and look at his blog in its entirety.

How my blog have developed? I have my goals? Am I still on the right track? What adjustments in the strategy maybe I should make? What are the customer’s feedbacks? Etc.

One should question their content and adjust its strategy and more often.

Revenue models for Blogs

A critical aspect of blogs is always the topic "How can I make money." There are a lot of revenue models on the web , which can also use blogs.
However, not all sources of income are equally well suited to deliver a truly sustainable and stable revenue model.

In the following, I would like to analyze some revenue models for Blogs:

  • AdSense 

AdSense is probably the most common source of income for bloggers. Here, one can gain revenue through AdSense but quite strong on the topic and especially it depends on the number of visitors. Moreover, it depends on Google and if you bust out nothing more. Why AdSense is more of a complementary source of income for some business models (e.g. consulting) is completely out of place.

  • Advertising 

Advertising is especially for larger sites, the field model number 1, and thus the web is also most deserving. However, even specialized blogs can earn good money with advertising. This source of income is quite stable and is therefore often used as a very good revenue model.

  • Affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing is not easy, but it has a good and stable revenue potential. However, affiliate marketing usually works well for a while, if there is enough content on the blog and you have built up some trust. Nevertheless, affiliate marketing may be a good revenue model.

  • Consulting

this is already the high school. Those who manage to position themselves as an expert with his blog, which usually takes a long time, can accept consulting assignments and pass on his knowledge. If you do it right, this is a very good revenue model.

  • Blog sale

there are also bloggers who regularly build new blogs and this then sell at a profit.  The blogs are then revised and successfully made to the blog then sold.

  • Products

Own develop products to sell online and this is a very interesting possibility. In Germany, this market is indeed still at a nascent, but there is still some potential.

  • Posts paid

Paid Posts are again a revenue model, which I would rather stand in the second row. Therefore, the market simply too weak in Germany and the revenue is also unpredictable. In addition, there is no long-term revenue generation model.

  • Paid content

I have here in my blog ever the theme of “making money with paid content presented.” Again, this can be very rewarding, but you really need to be a good strategy and a lot of flow. The Internet is overflowing with free content and there is an art to sell premium content. The premium model is a good starting point.
Of course, there are other revenue models. There will again be an extra item.


Blogging can be a real business model. It greatly depends on how the blogger himself will approach the matter. Hence, the very different revenue of bloggers can be explained.

Since there is often a big difference between the revenue expectations and the attitude of a blogger, with a hobby mind you can achieve the results you are looking for.

I will complete this article for now and later publish more articles on how blogs and websites professionally lead.

Until then you can find on much information about how to build a blog professionally and leads.