Installing and configuring Dropbox

on Monday, 24 December 2012


Dropbox is a service for storing and sharing files online offered by Dropbox .

This cloud computing service is accessible via any web browser, but also by using multi-client operating system: Linux, Macintosh, Windows.

It is also available for Apple iOS systems turning iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as well as Android and BlackBerry. The customer can use Dropbox seamlessly, localized files saved on the hard disk directory of the computer being copied to the Dropbox server after each record.

In addition, Dropbox:

allows synchronization of files on different computers
works seamlessly (backups and synchronizations are automatic)
website provides access to a copy of the files, but also to their successive versions and copies of deleted files.
The free version allows you to store up to 2GB of data, expandable to 10 GB through sponsorship (2 GB + 8 GB at 250 MB per referral), the godson also receives 250 MB and paid versions allow store 50 or 100 GB

Installing on Windows

Before installing DropBox, you must register here .

Then you will receive a confirmation email account creation (no need to validate the account manually). However, that the account is operational, it must be enabled on the computer through their software.

Once you download the software, you must now install.

This installation goes smoothly.

When you have finished the installation, a window will asked you if you've considered or not. You click on "I Already have a DropBox account»

It connects to the account by entering the e-mail address and password. In "computer name", enter a name for your computer. This will allow you to recognize different computer associated with your account.

Then you must choose the pack 2 GB free unless you want to pay for more space ^ ^.

This DropBox is installed. You have a small icon DropBox bottom right.

Installing on Linux

You must register on DropBox if it is still not done.

To download the package, you just need to visit this page .

Choose your distribution.

Download the package and an installation window will appear. Just do the following and enter your e-mail address and your password when prompted.

This DropBox is installed. You have a small icon  DropBox top right.