ICQ: Stay in touch

on Friday, 28 December 2012

ICQ: Stay in touch

With "ICQ" You can stay in touch with your family and playful, even in passing. This requires that all participants sign up and download the software free of charge under a freely chosen name be. After connecting to the Internet via chat or microphone can be as a conversation or an exchange of files held.

Recent innovations

The latest version 7.0 has received a completely redesigned user interface and new sounds. Moreover, it is now possible in "ICQ" news from other social networks like Facebook to keep, Twitter, Flickr or YouTube to date. The new status box may also display images.

The software can

"ICQ" is a program that the communication via the Internet simplified. Using the software, the user can communicate with the Internet via a normal writing window with other "ICQ" users - now via the quick chat particularly time saving by text message. A variety of funny icons and sounds is stored. In addition, data can be exchanged, users now have even the ability to send and receive text messages. The ability to entertain with a microphone and webcam is added since version 6.5 also. You are logged in, the system notifies you each contact request of another "ICQ" participant by pop and sound, so you "ICQ" quasi use "passing" as an intercom system.

The editorial says the net world to ICQ

The freeware "ICQ" features as chat and messaging software is a good way of communication. With the numerous options and current innovations it brings many ways to contact us: via text input, via webcam and also the mobile phone via SMS.


System Requirements

As system requirements for the latest version of "ICQ" 7.0 is at least Pentium II 900 MHz, 512 MB ​​RAM, Internet Explorer 7.0 or Firefox, Adobe Flash Player 9 or better 10, Windows XP , Vista or Windows 7 and Internet access.