Google Trends And Search Engine Optimization

on Sunday, 23 December 2012

The leader search engine Google has their Google Trends revised. One can very well use this tool for search engine optimization, because it allows a take a look at the development of keywords. You can even get a forecast for keywords. Webmasters who appreciate a structured approach to keyword extraction and keyword implementation will use Google Trends to their keywords generate more traffic.

As a webmaster, you will be worrying about which keywords characterize your own business and what keywords are likely to get more customers and prospects on their own websites. With Google Trends, you now have a better tool for studying fast the keywords in terms of their own long-term success. One can very well use Google Trends to determine regional and seasonal fluctuations in demand for the keywords.

At first the new interface of Google Trends somewhat overloaded. However, this is misleading, because you can very easily, starting from the top left to bottom right to determine the basic data from which to win them with relevant information about their own keywords.
Google Trends

1. Google Trends and search engine optimization

Top Left has to "explore trends" switch on, if you will examine your own keywords or keyword combinations. The keyword is typed into the little simple form field and then the Enter key pressed. Now you can already cause a comparison with another keyword when the default "Search" retains. One can also arrange for a comparison between regions (locations), or the time used.

First, you should only consider certain important keywords and this study over time in recent years, so you get a feel for how future trends look like those keywords. Links can be set even if one wants to analyse the keyword for web search, or rather for the image search, news search or the product. Most webmasters want to be successful in Web search and therefore can leave it at the default setting. This is also true for the periods and categories, but in the region, it is often useful to restrict to Germany, since one of its websites mostly in German-speaking moves.

The distinction between categories is quite interesting for future research, because here you can also use Google Trends as a keyword supplier. Knowing your own business regarding the category very well and on the lower right is where you will find the keywords you should publish on your website, if your search volume is high or trendy.

These trends are read off in the upper right area. On request, we can show here have the events that might have determined the trend in each case. This gives an indication of possible future events. One can also let Google give a forecast on possible potential future developments.

Below you then have an overview of regional priorities and on more keywords and keyword combinations that are relevant in connection with the typed keywords.

How Google Trends can be useful for search engine optimization, can be seen, for example, because you can display the trend line for different terms in the seasonal flow.

2. Google Trends and search engine optimization

Here we see that different terms in the field of plumbing can vary greatly if you follow the seasons. However, the effect is even stronger if some news events are conscious public. At each point of the search volume could be a new search engine-friendly products attract more traffic to their own websites.

Google Trends is a very nice and a very effective tool to subject his keywords a critical analysis and to recognize when you can help with the new websites of their own search engine optimization on the jumps.