GMX Multi Messenger

on Thursday, 27 December 2012

GMX Multi Messenger

Much rounder in terms of communication

As the name suggests, GMX is the Multi Messenger that is to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. It combines various Messsenger services, social networks, and various e-mail accounts in one place. Also, the video chat dominates the communication skills.

Recent innovations

The text chat is more fun and provides its user animated emoticons available. All text messages leave safely encrypted sender. The user can be provided "GMX Multi Messenger" profile with a personal image and select Custom color chat window.

The software can

The "GMX Multi Messenger" is not a simple instant messenger , but rather a communications center. He not only allows, via the messaging services ICQ , AIM , MobileMe, Windows Live, Yahoo! or Google Talk to chat, but also provides access to social networks such as StudiVZ / SchülerVZ / MeinVZ, MySpace and Facebook.

The user does not need to switch between different providers and sign in again. He gets quite easily be notified when a new message arrives. In response to the news is a click, and you will be automatically directed to the appropriate website.

In addition, can also e-mail accounts to be kept in view. A link in the Messenger window leads on request directly to the appropriate mail service on the Web. The "GMX Multi Messenger" not only supports YouTube accounts, but also any other such, Yahoo! Mail or Windows Live Hotmail.

About the instant messenger service ICQ, AIM, Windows Live and Yahoo! In addition to text messages even audio and video chats are possible. With file transfer, you can send files directly to the interlocutor. Who has a paid YouTube account can send to the Messenger for the price of nine cents SMS.

System Requirements

The program runs under Windows 2000, Windows XP and Vista.