gaim-vv: Make your gaim multimedia

on Thursday, 27 December 2012

"Gaim-vv" is the video and voice support for the multi-protocol messenger of gaim project. This is a free multi-chat client. With this application, it is possible in several instant messaging programs such as AIM , MSN , ICQ or Yahoo Messenger, while chatting with friends. See what your friend while you write a message. Or talk with each other over the Internet.

The software can

Who knows instant messaging programs, which includes the buddy list is familiar. Gaim in such a list is also available. This is divided into the individual services. If you click on a friend who is logged on to Yahoo, a tab opens with a selection and the menu item "View Webcam". Select the menu item and a pop-up window with the webcam image of your friend opens. In "gaim-vv" only receiving Yahoo Webcam is provided images. Send out "gaim-vv" out is not possible in this release. With voice support, a friend will be invited to a conference or a meeting. "Gaim-vv" does not support multimedia support for Windows AIM.MSN and offers are not as well supported.

The editorial says the net world to gaim-vv

"Gaim-vv 'is an interesting plug-in for the Gaim project. Unfortunately, the use is limited to the present version 1.2.0 möglich.In Yahoo images can only be received. In addition, MSN is not supported. AIM is not for video and voice available. This tool is therefore more suitable for nostalgics who want to use a program like 4 years old, which is no longer supported. Emphasize, however, is the idea to manage multiple chat clients in one application. There may be better options on the net.

System Requirements

"Gaim-vv" running under the operating system Linux.