Facebook Farmville Tips & Tricks

on Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Facebook Farmville Tips & Tricks

Games are very popular in the largest social network Facebook. Farmville is one of the most popular games and is played by millions of players around the globe. As the name suggests, Farmville is all about maintaining and building your own farm including; fields, animals and harvesting machines. This game is all about economic.

1) FarmVille Tip: make good use of arable fields

At the beginning of the game, there is a very little space for growing crops; this means that the space must be effectively used. Arable fields are also used for cultivation, but many players usually neglect this aspect. Only 1/3 of the total area is used. One of the rules in the game says that players should use all the fields and as many as they can recreate in farming. Initially, the number of animals to be kept should be as small as possible because they bring little income or none at all at the beginning of the game.

2) Farmville Tips: make good use of money

Before spending all your money on houses and furniture, always make sure that the farm is big enough, because the more the land available, the more money you earn in a short time. This will make you win the game quickly.

3) FarmVille Tip: Pick neighbors

To expand the farm as a prerequisite farm neighbors are needed, invite some of you friends on Facebook to play along with you, or use an internet search engine to get neighbors. There are many players on the search engine looking for neighbors; you can add them because the more the neighbors, the more gifts you get such as, fertilizer and manure to make your farm fertile.

4) FarmVille Tip: Save Cash

At the beginning, you should save the precious cash and not spend for decorations or other gimmicks. The cash is urgently needed for the expansion of the farm.

5) FarmVille Tip: Awards

By achieving awards, you will earn more money as well as gain experience. By deliberately collecting awards, they may, accelerate the expansion of the farm.

6) FarmVille Tip: grow plants are worth it

As the title suggests, it should be considered to cultivate plants, which are worthwhile and guarantee the most profit. Always consider the cost of the seeds, sales value and growth time. It’s good also to plant crops that are sun worthwhile. Here is a simple formula of how to calculate the profit of a plant per hour.  (Sale price - purchase price) / Hours until harvest

As a result, the following plants are worthwhile:

  • Tomatoes
  • Wine
  • -Coffee
  • Carrots
  • Etc. applies just to the formula

7) Farmville Tip: Extra coins

To Published to one of your friends / neighbors in Farmville as a successful status message, you can do it through the link below "Get a bonus from them!" to earn extra coins, you have to be very important to be fast

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