Facebook Farmville Cheats Tricks (Works For All Games)

on Thursday, 27 December 2012

Tips farmvilles without cheat code ! Discover how to give your friends a bonus to post on the wall or keep for yourself. With this trick you can benefit from, or have one or more friends. This is a technique that can be used in Facebook games like bola or K ingdoms of camelot . Tricks Here this is illustrated with the game farmville and to give you the help I also describe how you can have free corners galore :)


  • This technique works for animals lost, mystery eggs, awards and ribbons, or even flowers in short all that you can share on the wall and provides benefits to the one who has ...
  • Therefore must be willing to share the gift and go into the dialog box, then you can right click on the object to share, and make a copy of the url, as I use firefox and I recommend this trick to do so because the images I will help you put ...
  • Once the link is copied to the copy in a message that you can only see's one or a few friends (one may benefit except in the case of the mystery eggs X5) but at least you chose who should benefit, and they will do the same thing hehehe J. Trying to explain what you do in the message to your friend understand the principle of this trick cheat Farmville


  • There is a way that I'm going to reveal ... that will buy that white mystery eggs for 5000 coins. you buy to yourself ... In fact my trick is that every time you put a chicken coop you produce one egg white. So long as you have money you can sell your empty chicken coop (you do not want to lose the hen) and buy a new one that you can always have a white egg mystery you'll also more of a hen because when you poulallier you buy a chicken with.


  • If you read in the previous paragraphs, I said you could have a white mystery eggs mystery by coop (poulailler. Good! And as I told you that you get when you buy a chicken coop the following trick to get my Sev henhouse
  • Empty your vender and poulallier
  • Open all the mystery eggs you find you have a


  1. Empty your vender and (your) poultry
  2. Open all the mystery eggs you find - you'll open a chicken egg by
  3. Buy and have on your farm the henhouse
  4. Open gift boxes and place correctly the last poultry

Have Sev account

  • This is one of the strategies for cheating easier. So my trick works if you have multiple accounts or if you have friends to help you in your task .. if you do not create multiple accounts you can read my article which is in the left column under the heading Farmville
  • If you use firefox as I recommend that you add , you will have multiple accounts for moving quickly in the use of multiple accounts.
  • Buy from 30 to 180 at the price of poulallier one J
  • For this I recommend you have at least 3 accounts that you have connected the same time, if you have two then be 2 to 1, but it does not matter what is already

Buy from 30 to 180 at the price of poulalliers one 

  1. Go to all your accounts and all your vender and empty poulallier
  2. Go into one account and buy a place and poulalier
  3. Copy the link of the mystery eggs and send it to your other accounts X.Vendez the poulallier
  4. Go to one of your account and remove palcer poulallier one you received. This will save you a mystery eggs,
  5. Do this again and again step 2/4/5. each of your accounts will win a chicken coop

If you wish you can remove the chicken before selling the house.


As you may have already guessed, it is possible to sell poulallier the gift box, when you send them however you can have only 30 to max because your gift box only allows you to have 30 gifts by compte.Chaque poulallier sells between 250 and 270 parts it depends if you decide to keep the chicken or not ... Once you have sold the poulallier you can repeat indefinitely ... There is your patience that will get you a limit.