Facebook and the "problem" of privacy

on Sunday, 9 December 2012

Facebook Privacy

Facebook is the largest online social network in the world, with more than 420 million members around the globe. The number of new members joining is increasing by the day. Anyone can add someone as a friend. This makes everything public due to the availability of internet videos and pictures.

Due to this case, no body is giving a though of the amount of personal data they are disclosing to other people. Due to the increasingly complications of Facebook’s privacy policy and terms of conditions, it has made it difficult for anyone to keep some of their personal life private. This makes it very easy for anyone to view your photos from your last holiday. Moreover, dealing with people on the internet has become very sensitive due to the age difference. People who are not of age can view pages that are not appropriate to their age. Moreover, an employer can look through his employees Facebook profile.

However, the first time when Facebook was introduced, it had a different direction to the direction they are now, because there were few people. Who knows the importance of preventing certain information to the public? To the point were we are now, submitting certain information should be looked at. Today, there are many people who do not know how to prevent others from viewing their profiles. Although recently Facebook has a lot criticism because of their too complicated privacy settings, a new user will log into Facebook with their profiles being public. Therefore, this examines and calls for custom settings for people to thoroughly customize their Facebook profile.

However, the loss of image on Facebook is very likely to happen, and many users rely on the platform and they do not feel spied on. A fundamental change in the privacy policy of Facebook must be found in order to win back confidence. Many people use Google to search for the term "delete Facebook account". Different users search this phrase repeatedly.

Why do users need only to use Google search on how to delete an account on Facebook? The answer is simple; in Facebook, you will not find the option easily. This is hidden Of course. This is because deleting a Facebook account is indirect to Facebook’s interests. From the 420 to 460 million users around the globe, there has not been a reported issue about people wanting to abandon their profiles. However, this may be because of only few have taken the time to adapt to the fact that they are public.it is evident that people need Facebook to communicate with others, but it is time for people to raise awareness for protection of private information.