aMSN: Open Source Alternative

on Wednesday, 26 December 2012

aMSN: Open Source Alternative

The "aMSN" is a free instant messenger , modeled on the MSN Messenger from Windows. There are all the features of MSN Messenger is available and you can sign up as normal with his MSN account - the original MSN Messenger is no longer needed. In addition, the Messenger advertising-free and there were still added a few extra features: So you can for example log with multiple user names in the network and you will be informed when someone removes a contact from the list. The "aMSN" is free and is available for all major operating systems to download.

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The software enables users who are offline, leave a message. This is compared to the MSN Messenger a significant improvement. "AMSN" also offers playback of voice clips. Much has changed in the design. Sun offers "aMSN" on a new login screen as well as a new contact list. In addition, they can also show images. The emoticons can be freely selected by the user program werden.Das is a globetrotter and in some 40 languages ​​available. At the same time you can be in multiple accounts and post online. The contacts can easily sort themselves into groups.

You have an important appointment? Even over here, you will be notified. Your webcam is also used in "aMSN" eg use in video chats. Your installed plugins, you can easily monitor on the log window. The plugins are available in almost all supported languages. Always up to date! "AMSN" to notify you when a new version is available and may lead to your request and the update is the same. Also for the plugins this function is provided.

Various MSN services are also supported such as MSN Mobile service. Summing up: the Instant Messaging software "aMSN" of is a freeware and available for free and can be downloaded free of As a rule, the feature set is not restricted, but can be upgraded in some cases by a paid premium version.

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System Requirements

"AMSN" is available for the Windows operating system and has a surface area in English and German.