Alternatives to ICQ - The Chat System Comparison

on Sunday, 9 December 2012

ICQ is currently the most popular instant messaging systems. It is easy in handling, and it has extra features that anybody would love. This is according to the research made and the comments done. However, there are still some interesting alternatives to Yahoo, which are better in the life of users, for example, eighth or open source.

Especially former dot There has been many users on sour, but writes ICQ, now part of Group, in the conditions that "... copyright and all other proprietary rights [be given] to broadcast material by sending ... ". (Source: Wikipedia) In addition, the benefit of using the ICQ network, which is also called multi-messenger, such as Miranda or Pidgin are not permitted according to the terms. Who wants to look around for an alternative, due to these facts, below you will get the best alternatives to ICQ.

Windows Live Messenger - The 1:1 alternative to ICQ?

Microsoft gladly provides most of the overlap that is provided with features and ease of using from other instant messaging. It comes with video calling, file transfer, simple installation and user account management, integrated smileys, exclusive client and on line mini-games from MSN Messenger.

However, the Messenger offers well as an alternative, since at least the user policy is better than the IM of

However, you cannot communicate with users from third-party programs like pidgin or Miranda network. There are regular changes in the routine protocol this includes a 100% trouble-free user friendly. The same happens on ICQ, which causes problem changes in the OSCAR protocol frequently among users of multi-messenger systems. The advantage of MSN messenger is high penetration.

To Windows XP, this is still an integral part of the Windows operating systems, and since it has become popular to most people, this app can be really rewarding to some people.

Download Windows Live Messenger - Here

The little brother - Yahoo Messenger Chat also enlivened by the mini-games

Of the number of users is not quite so great (4.65 million - as of 2006) as the IM Microsoft Instant Messenger from Yahoo, but a similarly large-scale, such as ICQ. In addition to video calling and regular voice, calls and mini-games are also available. In addition, a photo sharing with other users is possible. Another advantage of the Yahoo Messenger ICQ it that, it has team up with Microsoft MSN messenger  This allows users to communicate each way you prefer.

The choice between MSN and Yahoo is not easy and is ultimately more a matter of taste, because in the scope and presentation opportunities both are equal.

Download Yahoo Messenger Chat - Here

Skype and Instant Messenger with Phone Function

Skype has currently Grouped with Microsoft counting ( as of 2011 ) provides, and on the basis of the phone functions more and more people are preferring it to ICQ, since data transmission, video call and also text messages are supported. Moreover, it supports teleconferences.

Skype also offers the possibility to make calls with multiple users and to call on the international landlines. These features, however, are subject to charges.

This ICQ is equal to Skype. Not just resource-friendly system and is using the clients see especially on netbooks and less problematic as the back up for ICQ. Furthermore, no mini-games, like Zuma, are provided in Skype. The clarity of the simple chat can be compared to Skype via AIM to be desired.

Download Skype Instant Messenger - Here

In fairness, it should be mentioned that for this kind of communication several alternatives to Skype exist.

IRC - Chat purist pleasure in the speed of light

The bare fact of ICQ is probably the text-based chat system, IRC (Internet Relay Chat) represents While ICQ is trying to hold on gaudy colors, various smileys, animated emoticons and something called Xtraz to the user in a good mood, which is now quite antiquated Chat System IRC on speed.

When you compare between IRC and ICQ, IRC has an advantage over ICQ. The charting speed is fast even when you chart with several people. Creating a chart room that can be used by different people is very easy. Moreover, the room is secure because you can only chart if you have a user name and a password. Moreover, one can operate with any standard IRC Multi Messenger.

The pluses IRC collected as an alternative to ICQ, especially when it comes to speed and system utilization. No overnight invitee menus, clear structures and minimalist design make it a good choice. It is direct when setting it up and it is very comfortable to use when you compare to ICQ.

Niche protocols like Gadu-Gadu

For clarity, this is also another alternative. However, due to low spread or lack of German version is the least to be considered.

Gadu-Gadu, chat in German as much as you can because it is to polish market. The speed of the protocol belongs to the upper class, but is discouraged by most users. However, if you have not known Gadu-Gadu, the application is compatible in multi-messenger, as integrate Miranda IM and Adium, and all you have to do is just keep in touch.

Jabber, is a free program, which is based on the open XMPP protocol provides, except for video calling, and mini-games similar features to ICQ. However, those who cannot do without charting, you should resort to Google Talk, which also used the free XMPP protocol.

Everything under one roof - the link Multi Messenger protocol worlds

Despite the comprehensive alternatives to ICQ, if you are managing large accounts, then the best application choosing all of them. In order to organize them properly, you can join them together using multi-messenger. These programs combined with the above application, make it is easy and comfortable to use. The latter is especially the large providers, such as Yahoo and Microsoft thorn in the flesh, which is why they do not support the use of these third-party programs, and therefore the continuous operation cannot be granted.
These systems include multi-messenger Miranda IM , Pidgin, Adium and Kopete.

In conclusion, all joy about possible alternatives to the ICQ delete the user account that you created in ICQ, subsequently no longer possible.