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    Download Improve WordPress Theme - HappyThemes

    By Mohd Aktar on Monday, 4 December 2017 | 0 comments

    Improve WordPress Theme Download - HappyThemes


    Improve is a super awesome WordPress blogging theme that built with deals & coupon codes functionalities. With the Improve theme, you can easily run a PRO blog and make money from affiliate programs by offering online deals & coupon codes. The layout and design options for this theme are clean and flexible, it gives your readers a very comfortable browsing experience, which is really the best choice for every bloggers and site owners!

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    Improve WordPress Theme – Unique Features

    6 Homepage Styles

    3 Layout Options for Posts Loop

    • Blog Layout (default)
    • Grid Layout
    • List Layout


    • Unlimited Newsletter Styles
    • Newsletter on Site Footer

    Custom Pages

    • Custom Search Page
    • Custom 404 Page
    • Contact Page
    • Full Width Page

    Improve WordPress Theme – General Features

    • Optimised for Advertisement/Adsense
    • Unlimited Colour Styles (Black, Blue, Red… etc.)
    • Google Fonts Support
    • Sticky Header Navigation
    • Responsive / mobile-friendly design
    • Theme Customiser / Control Panel
    • Custom Widgets
    • Advertisement
    • Email Newsletter
    • Social Profiles
    • Recent Posts with Thumbnail
    • Most Commented Posts with Thumbnail
    • Most Viewed Posts with Thumbnail
    • Random Posts with Thumbnail
    • Localisation / Translation Ready
    • Compatible with latest WordPress version
    • 100% Passed W3C Validation
    • 100% Passed WordPress theme check (coding standard)

    Demo: Click here
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    How to EASILY devise a content marketing plan for your website?

    By Mohd Aktar on Wednesday, 15 November 2017 | 0 comments
    So you have your business website up? Now you need to create content to keep it fresh, right?

    Yes, right.

    Both search engines and your audience will appreciate you if you keep your website live with fresh content.

    After all, without content your website will not be able to shine.

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    Get to know who your audience are

    This is the very first and basic step when you want to create content for your website.

    Your website should have a specific audience, and you have to get very precise in defining that audience group.

    Going too wide will not help you serve the purpose.

    You have to really zero in on your ideal, target audience.

    Why is this so important? It is highly crucial because without knowing your target audience you cannot serve them.

    Your business is for people, right? You cannot create stuff and sell to Google or any other search engines.

    You need people to do really business with you.

    And you just cannot sell to people out of the blue. You need to serve them first. You need to show them how useful your business or product can be to them.

    You need to demonstrate how your business or a particular product of yours can solve a pressing problem your audience is having (more on this below).

    In order to make your website useful to them, you need to deliver content that your audience will appreciate.

    Your website should have content that is useful for your audience.

    It is the first step in making that long lasting connection between your business and your audience.

    It can be an annoying exercise to perform - having to figure out who your audience are. But once you get clarity about your business it will be a piece of cake.

    If you clearly know what your business is going to be, you can also clearly pin point who your audience will be!

    So don’t jump into publishing blog posts or start with product creation without accomplishing this step.

    Identify your audiences’ challenges and pain points

    Everyone has some kind of a challenge - in life, business, relationship whatever. Also problems and pain points are not rare too.

    Problems and challenges are quite common in any field.

    You just have to identify them in order to either solve them or help people with it.

    Any business that focuses on solving a problem is guaranteed to win.

    Your content should therefore focus solely on being useful to your target audience.

    For this to happen you have to be aware of the challenges faced by your audience.

    Finding this is also not challenging! You have to listen to them. Hang out in places where they hang out.

    Is it Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or something else? You have to make sure you hang out in those places too.

    Monitor the social media updates. Quora is a great place to listen to your audience!

    People ask so many questions there.

    If you properly search for your keywords and stay tuned to a few topics, you can identify a lot of questions being asked.

    Each question is a potential opportunity to serve your audience.

    Gather the bits and pieces from the questions in Quora and collect them in ONE place - say a spreadsheet.

    Your content marketing plan is ALMOST ready

    Now that you know your target audience and their pain points your content marketing plan is almost ready.

    Why “almost”?

    Because you still need to create that content. Even though you clearly know who your audience are and what their problems are, you still need to create content in order to serve them.

    Content creation comprises of three major steps:
    • Identifying content categories
    • Brainstorming for blog post ideas
    • Actually writing those blog posts in a format that will be well received by your audience and will do well in search engines.
    • (Optional) Fix on your content budget
    Let’s break down the steps.

    Identifying your content categories

    Your site’s content need to be organised. This is good both for SEO and for reader friendliness. Don’t go overboard with categories.

    The sweet spot is 5-8 categories. Choose them well. Create content that fall into any of those categories. Don’t go wide over that.

    If you do this consistently it will be much easier for both search engines and your audience to make the most out of your content.

    It will be also much easier for you to stay on track if you have your categories are well defined and aligned with your blogging/business goals.

    Brainstorming for blog post ideas

    Most bloggers struggle with content creation and don’t have a wining content marketing plan merely because they cannot come up with blog post ideas.

    In order to stay ahead of the content creation game, you need to be consistently publishing useful content and the first step to get that done (after you have followed the steps on creating that marketing plan as discussed above) is to come up with blog post ideas.

    Brainstorming is the word and you should be doing a lot of it. In a consistent manner.

    You must keep yourself updated with the happenings in your industry and what your competitors are after. Keep tabs of the popular blogs in your niche.

    The more you read the more inspiration you will get for blog post ideas.

    Creating killer content

    Yes, actually writing those blog posts is the most challenging bit. You have to make time for it.

    And you cannot just create any content - the content has to be top notch in order to get noticed.

    Remember there are millions of blogs out there and you should give your readers a reason to stick with yours.

    Sound kinda big isn’t? Don’t worry, it is not as complicated as it sounds.

    I have created a course specifically to help you with content creation. You can check it out here.

    Fix your content budget

    The last step. And this is optional - applies to you only if you plan to outsource content creation.

    If you prefer to create all the content by yourself, you can skip this step altogether.

    Whether you should write the content yourself or have it outsourced depends on various factors.

    It depends on how many websites you manage and how much time you can allocate in a week for blogging related activities (this again depends on whether you are blogging full time or part time).

    If you clearly know you alone can’t manage with content creation, outsource it by all means.

    But you have to make sure you fix the content budget and go by it. You cannot spend money on content blindly without knowing how much of it pays off.

    Devise your content marketing strategy now!

    Without a content plan your online business will not shine. I know that’s a bitter truth that is too hard to accept.

    So get to work. It is not as hard as you think!

    Jane shares cutting-edge, practical blogging tips at her blog Savvy Blogging Tips. If you want to get a head start with blogging or want guidance to make progress, check out the FREE resource at this page.
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    Download Revolution WordPress Theme - happythemes

    By Mohd Aktar on Monday, 13 November 2017 | 0 comments

    Revolution WordPress Theme Download - happythemes


    Revolution is a modern WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. The Revolution theme is excellent for a news portal, newspaper, magazine, lifestyle or review site. If your website is related to news, fashion, sport, tech, travel, food, car or blog, then the Revolution theme is a great solution for you. Revolution is the perfect combination of beautiful and professional design with tons of powerful features.

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    Revolution Theme Features

    • Optimised for Advertisement/Adsense
    • 3 Different Homepage Layouts (Grid, List, and Blog layout)
    • Unlimited Colour Styles (Black, Blue, Red… etc.)
    • Google Fonts Support
    • Sticky Header Navigation
    • Responsive / mobile-friendly design
    • Theme Customiser / Control Panel
    • Custom Widgets
    • Advertisement
    • Email Newsletter
    • Social Profiles
    • Recent Posts with Thumbnail
    • Most Commented Posts with Thumbnail
    • Most Viewed Posts with Thumbnail
    • Random Posts with Thumbnail
    • Localisation / Translation Ready
    • Compatible with latest WordPress version
    • 100% Passed W3C Validation
    • 100% Passed WordPress theme check (coding standard)
    To celebrate the release of this new theme, we provide a 50% discount.

    Lifetime Membership: https://www.happythemes.com/member/signup/

    Coupon Code: SAVE50

    In only 9 months we’ve released 16 premium themes and we promise to release at least 10~12 new themes ever year!

    50% OFF is the best deal!

    Sign up today and enjoy!
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    4 Common New Blogger Mistakes

    By Mohd Aktar on Friday, 10 November 2017 | 0 comments
    New bloggers often make the same painful mistakes across the board.

    Few newbies are immune to the 4 mistakes listed below.

    If you own, address and correct these errors you can cut your blogging learning curve by months or even years.

    Note; these mistakes are common among the struggling veteran blogger set too.

    Own these errors and remedy these blogging boo boo’s to change your course.

    1: Paper Chasing

    Chasing paper - blogging mainly for money - is the most common and damaging new blogger mistake.

    If you don’t make money as a newbie - and nobody does - you lose your motivation to blog.

    Paper chasers blog from a fear-based energy, making it impossible for them to see clearly enough to learn blogging, to study blogging, to practice blogging, to create helpful content and to build strong connections by promoting other bloggers.

    These people want to reach the finish line without running in the race.

    Blog mainly to have fun. Blog your passion. See money, traffic, comments and social shares as bonuses, or extras.

    Fall in love with the process of studying and practicing blogging to build the framework for a successful blogging career.

    2: Not Building an Email List

    Build an email list from day 1 of your blogging career.

    Avoid the common mistake of depending on folks to bookmark your blog to get blog traffic.

    Some lost, confused new bloggers actually believe people will find every one of their posts through Facebook or Twitter. Maybe this dream could come true in Fantasy Land but if you live in the real world start building a list right now.

    Growing your email list makes it easy for readers to get your latest posts delivered directly to their inboxes. List building is convenient for you because you can boost your blog traffic and profits at the click of the mouse, even as a newbie blogger.

    When 5, 10 or 100 people sign up for your list you can reach 5, 10 or 100 people in a split second. Not a bad way to grow your blogging community.

    3: Changing Topics with the Wind

    New bloggers tend to change topics with the wind.

    You know what I mean; the new blogger who blogs about whatever seems to be on their minds. These non-committal folks try to be a Jack of All Trades and of course, master none.

    Do yourself the ultimate favor; be a specialist, not a generalist.

    Specialists succeed online and offline because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

    People who devote their lives to one craft become super skilled in that area. Ditto for bloggers who focus on one niche.

    Pick a niche you feel passionate about. Cover that topic inside-out through all of your blog posts. Send a clear message to readers that you are a specialist in one niche. Specialists become respected authorities in their niche.

    4: Trying to Do it All on Your Own

    Do not even bother trying to do it on your own.

    This typical newbie blogger mistake manifests as years of struggle and eventually complete online failure.

    Most Lone Wolves quit blogging altogether.

    Help other bloggers. Comment on their blogs. Promote other bloggers. Make friends. Friends help friends, promoting them, endorsing them and hiring them, as well as buying their stuff, boosting their blog traffic and profits.

    The eBook

    If you want to address common new blogger mistakes buy my eBook:

    About the Author

    Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog at BloggingFrom Paradise.
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    Download OneType WordPress Theme - theme-junkie

    By Mohd Aktar on Monday, 30 October 2017 | 1 comments

    OneType WordPress Theme Download - theme-junkie


    Introducing OneType

    OneType is a beautiful eCommerce WordPress theme, to power the smallest or largest online store. Perfect whether you’re selling a single product, or hundreds!

    It's fully integrated with WooCommerce and Elementor. Get up and running in minutes to accept credit cards and payments, and build completely customised pages for your website using drag-and-drop.

    This fully responsive theme works perfectly on desktop and mobile devices, and is fully customisable for your own brand.

    Build Beautiful Pages with Elementor

    Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder, which makes it easy to create a unique layout for pages on your website.

    Easily create a feature-packed homepage (like on our demo site!), contact pages, forms, testimonial sections, and more. All with zero technical knowledge.

    Sell One Product, or Hundreds

    OneType is an eCommerce theme with a difference. Only have a single product to sell? No problem. You can make a powerful one-page website that makes your product shine!

    Need room to grow? No problem. Use one of our shop page layouts to showcase everything your store has to sell.

    Gallery, Reviews, Blog + More

    Show off your product in the best light, with a beautiful photo gallery. And let your customer share their reviews and ratings (with them showing up right on your product pages).

    Want to also set up a company blog? No problem. OneType has various layouts and options for you to do just that.
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    Download Standard WordPress Theme from happythemes

    By Mohd Aktar on | 1 comments

    Standard WordPress Theme Download from happythemes 


    Standard is a premium WordPress blog magazine theme that best suited for new WordPress users, PRO bloggers, SEO marketers and businesses. This theme is fully responsive & mobile-friendly that works great on all kinds of devices (desktop, tablets and smartphones).

    The Standard theme is perfect for new WordPress users, PRO bloggers, SEO marketers and businesses.

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    Standard Theme Features

    • Optimised for Advertisement/Adsense
    • 4 Different Homepage Layouts (Magazine, List, Grid and Blog layout)
    • Unlimited Colour Styles (Blue, Red, Orange… etc.)
    • Google Fonts Support
    • Sticky Header Navigation
    • Responsive / mobile-friendly design
    • Theme Customiser / Control Panel
    • Custom Widgets
    • Advertisement
    • Email Newsletter
    • Social Profiles
    • Recent Posts with Thumbnail
    • Most Commented Posts with Thumbnail
    • Most Viewed Posts with Thumbnail
    • Random Posts with Thumbnail
    • Localisation / Translation Ready
    • Compatible with latest WordPress version
    • 100% Passed W3C Validation
    • 100% Passed WordPress theme check (coding standard)

    Lifetime Access: https://goo.gl/UjM1tf

    50% OFF Coupon Code: SAVE50 (copy and paste the code at checkout)

    In this year we’ve released 15 premium themes and we promise to release at least 10~12 new themes ever year!

    50% OFF is a great deal!

    Sign up today and enjoy!
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    Download Lifestyle Magazine WorPress Theme - mythemeshop

    By Mohd Aktar on Tuesday, 24 October 2017 | 0 comments

    Download Lifestyle Elegant WordPress Theme - mythemeshop


    Lifestyle Magazine WordPress Theme is a classy, elegantly designed, multipurpose, 100% responsive WordPress theme that you can use in several projects. Lifestyle comes with all premium and practical features needed for creating a professional WordPress magazine site.

    It’s a great opportunity to increase your earnings by double or triple figures since the theme will be very successful in sales.

    Before we can talk more about the opportunity to increase your earnings this month, allow me to quickly highlight the predefined demos and the features of lifestyle magazine theme.

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    4 Predefined Demos

    It comes with four amazing predefined demos that help users to get started quickly. The following are the predefined demos:

    • Default Demo – This is the main layout that is fit for multiple uses, and it lets you build a remarkable magazine site with excellent user experience. It’s easy to customize it and build any type of magazine site you have in mind.
    • Beauty Demo – This demo is specifically made to showcase the beauty, lifestyle, fashion and trending styles in a glamorous and classic way. All the layouts are blended to perfection and make lifestyle theme the most modern beauty magazine theme for any project.
    • Travel Demo – If you are an enthusiastic traveler who is looking for an excellent travel magazine theme, you will immediately fall in love with this demo since it will cater for all your travel blog needs.
    • Food Demo – This is a professionally designed layout for foodies and lets you showcase your excellent culinary experience or skills. It can be a useful demo for multiple uses in the food and nutrition industry.

    Features of the Lifestyle Magazine Theme

    Lifestyle WordPress Theme is cleverly designed and developed with every feature needed to build a successful online magazine. The following is the summary of its features:

    • Pixel Perfect Design
    • 4 Pre-Defined Layouts
    • Fully Responsive
    • Unlimited Color Options
    • Unlimited Background Options
    • Google Fonts Supported
    • 3 Header Layouts
    • 3 Post Layouts
    • Animated Page Loading Icons
    • Integrated Social Media Icons
    • WooCommerce Supported
    • Designed With SEO In Mind
    • Lightning Fast Loading
    • AdSense Compatible
    • Clean Code
    • Parallax Scrolling
    • Options Panel To Customize Everything
    • Supports Multiple Languages Using WPML
    • Custom Shortcodes
    • Built-In AJAX Loading And Lazy Loading
    • Stylish Author Box
    • Pre-Designed Mobile Menu
    • WordPress Review Pro Compatible
    • WordPress Mega Menu Compatible
    • 1 Click Demo Install
    • 1 Click Updates
    • Video Tutorials For Setting Up The Theme
    • Detailed Documentation
    • 24x7 Support All Year Round
    Theme demo

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    Download Revenue WordPress Theme - HappyThemes

    By Mohd Aktar on Thursday, 12 October 2017 | 0 comments

    Revenue WordPress Theme Download from HappyThemes


    HappyThemes has just announced new WordPress theme called  Revenue WordPress Theme.

    Revenue is premium WordPress theme that best suited for new WordPress users, PRO bloggers, SEO marketers and businesses. This theme is fully responsive & mobile-friendly that works great on all kinds of devices (desktop, tablets and smartphones).

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    • Responsive / Mobile Friendly
    • Search Engine Optimzed (SEO)
    • Fast Loading Speed
    • Theme Updates
    • Premium Support
    • Unlimited Website Usage

    Revenue Theme Features

    • Optimised for Advertisement/Adsense
    • 3 Different Homepage Layouts (List, Grid and Blog layout)
    • Unlimited Colour Styles (Blue, Red, Orange… etc.)
    • Google Fonts Support
    • Sticky Header Navigation
    • Responsive / mobile-friendly design
    • Theme Customiser / Control Panel
    • Custom Widgets
    • Advertisement
    • Email Newsletter
    • Social Profiles
    • Recent Posts with Thumbnail
    • Most Commented Posts with Thumbnail
    • Most Viewed Posts with Thumbnail
    • Random Posts with Thumbnail
    • Localisation / Translation Ready
    • Compatible with latest WordPress version
    • 100% Passed W3C Validation
    • 100% Passed WordPress theme check (coding standard)

    Live Demo: here

    Theme Info: here

    The Revenue theme is perfect for new WordPress users, PRO bloggers, SEO marketers and businesses.

    Lifetime Access: here

    75% OFF Coupon Code: SAVE75 (copy and paste the code at checkout)

    In this year we’ve released 14 premium themes and we promise to release at least 10~12 new themes ever year!

    75% OFF is the best deal!

    Sign up today and enjoy!
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    Download Free WP Real Estate WordPress Plugin - mythemeshop

    By Mohd Aktar on Monday, 9 October 2017 | 0 comments

    WP Real Estate WordPress Plugin Free Download 

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    Are you spending too much time thinking about how to build a professional realty website without changing your WordPress theme and within a limited budget or at zero cost?

    Does this sound like you?

    Several digital entrepreneurs, property agents, real estate brokers and property firms have this challenge at one point in the growth of their business. The choice you make determines how your business grows.

    Luckily, today I am delighted to bring you an amazing solution to building a real estate property listing website or adding the functionality to an existing website at zero cost.

    I know this sounds unbelievable, but here is your eureka moment – we have just released a complete property listing WordPress plugin that you will instantly like! This is a perfect solution since it is 100% free and you can try it out immediately!

    WP Real Estate WordPress Plugin

    WP Real Estate is a professional property listing WordPress plugin that is free and available for anyone to download and use in multiple sites.

    In contrast with other real estate plugins, WP Real Estate takes an inclusive approach to all property listing needs, making it an ideal plugin for any real estate website.

    This plugin is fit for real estate agents, brokers, property firms and anyone looking for a reliable, fast and professional solution to building a real estate website using WordPress.

    Let’s now look at its merits and the features that make it different in comparison to other free real estate plugins.

    Key Benefits of WP Real Estate WordPress Plugin

    • Now you don’t need to be a skilled developer to build a professional property listing website. This real estate plugin can be integrated into existing or new WordPress site.
    • This amazing plugin is 100% free and will always be free with no extra charges, and you can use it on multiple websites
    • The plugin is developed with geographical location feature that helps visitors locate nearby properties.
    • The plugin is 100% compatible with all WordPress themes and can be easily customized to fit your theme design.
    • You can now build a successful property listing website that has agents listing at a zero cost since the plugin is free!
    • You can leverage on this opportunity to quickly build a realty website and pay more attention to marketing since this plugin saves you development time and resources.
    • And, the best part is that WP Real Estate plugin is 100% FREE and will always be free. You can download it and try it out immediately.

    Features of WP Real Estate Plugin

    The following are the features of WP Real Estate WordPress plugin:

    • 100% Free Real Estate WordPress Plugin
    • Compatible to All WordPress Themes
    • Advanced Search Form
    • Google Map Integration
    • Capture Enquires
    • Social Share Buttons
    • Agent Listings
    • Nearby Listings
    • 5 Custom Widgets
    • Show Exterior & Interior Features
    • Contact Agent Form
    • Show Property Status
    • Show Property Type
    • Grid or List View
    • Advanced Shortcodes
    • Compare Listings
    • 365x24x 7 Direct Support

    You do not need to be a WordPress super developer to build an incredible property listing website. In fact, you just need this plugin to get started the fastest way ever!

    Here is your opportunity to build a real estate property listing website at zero cost!

    Get the Plugin Now & Start Building Your Real Estate Site – Download it FREE from the WordPress Repository!

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    High PR Profile Creation Sites List 2017 / 2018

    By Mohd Aktar on | 0 comments

    100 High PR Profile Creation Sites List 2017 / 2018

    What is Profile Creation in SEO?

    Profile Creation or Linking Profiles has become one of the off-page Search engine ranking optimization specialist techniques to create backlinks to your website. It is being used by many SEO expert professionals to obtain links from developed forums, social networking sites, social bookmarking websites, and many more.

    How to Get Backlinks from Profile Creation Sites?

    First login to any profiling site

    1. To register click on create your free account or sign-up
    2. Just complete your data and click on to create your free account
    3. It is best to verify your account by e-mail.
    4. Now choose the profile editor account settings and add the URL of your website in the web-page option
    5. Now it’s done

    I am sure you already know profile creation sites are extremely useful to create Backlinks and also to drive lots of internet traffic.

    However, it is very easy to create Profile as well as absolutely free and the most high tech method of getting quality back links from high authority websites and keep your self updated just recently. In the following paragraphs are latest high free profile creation sites list for reference.

    100 High PR Profile Creation Sites List 2017 / 2018

    Social Bookmarking Sites List 2013
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