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    Why A Professional Logo Sourced From Crowdsourcing Marketplace Could Boost Your Brand?

    By Mohd Aktar on Monday, 18 May 2015 | 0 comments

    Given the hefty charges for graphic designs, businesses really break a bank to be able to afford high-quality, creative and durable logo design. Enter online crowdsourcing contest based platforms such as Designhill. These days, sourcing great logo that shares your passion, drive and vision for business now comes at a fraction of what most design agencies charge. Mashable reveals that logo design contest based sites have made it possible for businesses, especially small businesses and startups, to level the playing field. 

    Well, now there’s no reason why your business can’t source a great logo to boost your brand. Don’t think a crowdsourced logo is so crucial to your company’s growth? If that’s what you really believe, then read on to learn how a crowdsourced logo can help you take your business to the next level.

    Brand Recall:

    In order to give your business that much need boost, you would want to make your brand memorable and timeless. In most cases, crowdsourced custom designed logos are high on brand recall value making it possible for you to establish a strong brand identity, garner media mileage and create a recall value around your brand, without having to clean your company’s back account.

    First Impression: 

    As a business, you have just one chance for a first impression. Remember, the image that you present for your company at the first glance is most significant and there’s no opportunity for a “do-over.” And this is where logos sourced from crowdsourcing marketplaces make for an optimal solution for businesses like you. Such logos are capable of taking the vital elements of your brand and showcasing them to your target audience in a way that’s even more awesome. Quite expectedly, crowdsourced logos are able to win you that great first impression.


    Great logos ensure your brand’s credibility and reliability amongst consumers. Remember, if your logo isn’t great, in any way, it can throw customers off.  But it’s often too difficult to find such logos. And even you manage to find one such logo; you’ll end up spending an arm and a leg to source that logo. However, logos sourced from crowdsourcing marketplaces have more power and presence than you might realize. A crowdsourced logo builds your brand’s credibility among consumers and prospects. Contests on logo design by Designhill and other crowdsourcing marketplaces offer endless opportunities to source logos that pack in enough punch to evoke credibility and trust amongst consumers.


    It is important to stay away from clichéd concepts when sourcing logos for your business, especially if you’re trying to make your impact in the market. But in the jungle of logo designs, even the most discerning of souls may fall prey to the tricky trap of clichéd logos. Remember, if your logo looks the same as someone else’s, it will not help you your business stand apart from the crowd. But the solution to this problem is relatively simple. Try crowdsourcing your logo design requisites! Crowdsourcing means getting as many as hundred responses—or more—to your logo design project. So, you won’t have to worry about downright cringe-worthy clichéd logotypes.


    Remember for customers, your logo is a stamp of your business. It’s what you do and what you specialize in. A shoddy-looking logo can turn clients away even without you realizing it. But a professionally designed logo yields enough power to speak a ton about the high-quality of your services and products and your brand’s professionalism. And that’s something that will boost your brand in the ever-competitive market. Logos sourced from crowdsourcing marketplaces emphasize your brand message in the best way and help you position your brand as a professional one.

    Want that logo now? Try crowdsourcing sites like Designhill. With a huge network of freelance designers, custom logo designs by Designhilll artists will run you to only a few hundred dollars or even less. With crowdsourcing contests, you won’t have to shell out thousands just to get the professional-looking logo your brand needs.

    Author Bio
    Arthesh Gobari is a graphic designer working with www.designhill.com. He has published several articles, blogs and columns on topics related to graphic design, social media, startups, SEO techniques and e-commerce. Follow me on Twitter

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    What to do during an Earthquake: Safety tips

    By Mohd Aktar on Thursday, 30 April 2015 | 0 comments

    Tips for Earthquake Safety

    Nepal has just been hit by a massive earthquake which measures 7.9 on Richter scale. It is essential for you to know safety measures to be taken during an earthquake. So, what to do when an uninviting earthquake hits you?

    Since fresh concerns have emerged about countries being disaster ready, here I bring you some safety tips that might help you survive an earthquake.

    What to do during an Earthquake: Safety tips

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    Top Apps for Cricket World Cup

    By Mohd Aktar on Wednesday, 25 February 2015 | 1 comments
    It's Cricket World Cup season and you are stuck at office. What do you do? Well, i personally wouldn't go to office in the first place during an India match. But, I usually avail these free servicees to stay updated of live scores, ball by ball commentary and results.


    ESPN Android and iOS application   is a treasure trove if you're fond of sports  .  It is the official application coming from the prestegious   prestigious chain  of ESPN television network. It offers detailed and thorough information on all major sports including Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, e.t.c. as well as some minor sporting leagues. With many videos and news that are updated hourly, you can follow live action without any hassle. In my opinion, it is one of the best choices for watching ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.


    Cricinfo is a dedicated website and network completely focused on Cricket. It has a wide presence in India and not to mention, it also comes from the line of ESPN. It is one of the best platforms to stay connected with live updates of Cricket World Cup as it is one of the official partners of ICC along with Cricbuzz. If it is banned by your network, you can check out cricinfoscores.com for an alternative.


    Although, Cricbuzz is not as popular as Cricinfo before, after colloboration with ICC World Cup this year it became one of the leading Sports networks in India as well as other participating nations. It is Quick, simple and effective. It is the only all under one roof website offering results, ball by ball commentary, Live score updates, highlights, match analysis, odds and predictions. You can check Cricbuzzz.in as well

    Star Sports

    This is one of the underrated websites in India. I'm not talking about the ratings, it is poorly marketed because most of the people aren't aware of it's website. As you might be aware, it is the only network offering Live telecast of all World Cup matches in TV. What you might not know is that it is also offering Live streaming on it's website for free.

    Thank you for reading. Hope you find this information helpful.

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    Tips on Selling Unwanted Items

    By Mohd Aktar on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 | 0 comments

    With trends and technology rapidly changing, it is no wonder that we accumulate so many gadgets and other belongings that we no longer use. Most people enjoy shopping and go shopping every time there is a sale, but they do not even wear the clothes they already have in their closets. Your home can start to get cluttered and look messy with all the extra stuff you have lying around. Getting rid of the things no longer can free up some space in your home, while also giving you some extra money. Here are some tips on selling unwanted items:

    1. Clothes

    Often times we buy clothes that still have the tag on them, and after a while it becomes obvious that they are never going to be worn. There can be multiple reasons for this, for example, the clothes might not fit as well as you would like them to, or the colour may not suit your skin tone. Whatever the reason is, the main point to remember is that they will only take up space sitting in your closet. If you buy clothes from high end stores, such as Aritzia or Holt Renfrew, you can make a lot of money by selling the clothes online.

    All you need to do is sell the clothes for about ten or twenty dollars less than what you paid for them, depending on how much the particular item of clothing cost you. If you are not keen on selling clothes online, you can try going into used goods stores that will buy your clothes and sell them onto others for charity purposes. Usually, you will get a better rate if you sell them online; as if you go to a store they will try to offer you significantly less than the retail value. With all the extra money you make, you can go get a massage, or anything else that will be relaxing.

    2. Electronics

    There are new versions of cell phones being released every few months, and it seems that no matter how hard you try, you can never keep up with the current cell phone without spending hundreds of dollars. You may also like to regularly update your laptop, computer and other electronics. Electronic devices are always in demand, especially used ones, as people try to get a good deal on used electronics. If you bought a new computer because your old one broke, you can look up computer repair Edmonton, on the internet and find a company that will repair it for you. Once it is repaired, you can sell it off to someone else and make a bit of money from that. Similarly, if you have a phone with a scratch on it, you can get the screen replaced and sell it on sites such as Kijiji.
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    Recovering call history on iPhone

    By Mohd Aktar on Friday, 26 December 2014 | 1 comments

    How to recover call history on iPhone?

    Registration or call history is an important function of any mobile phone in which important information of dialed, missed or received is saved. Although this is a simple function has an associated high importance. For example, it is much easier to call someone from the registry. Second, thanks to this feature, you can easily access your missed calls. Basically, the function call log keeps a list of all the numbers you have called or from which you have called even if you took the call.

    For iPhone users, this kind of information in the call log is of utmost importance. However, you can always delete it accidentally and thus losing all data stored on it. This can occur if the user clicks on error in the "Recent Delete" option or due to factory reset the device or, in most cases, damaged. In these cases, the call log can be crucial, especially if not kept on the agenda a contact. In that case you already have reason to find the easiest ways to recover call history on iPhone. We hope you enjoy the following ways to recover a lost call history iPhone.

    Effective ways to retrieve a call log deletion iPhone

    1. Backing up iTunes and iCloud. 

    Both iTunes and iCloud are simply storage services in the cloud that provide support for iPhone users. In them you can make backup your iPhone data including notes, call log, or anything else important. If you are someone who constantly update your backup from iTunes and iCloud, the problem of how to recover deleted calender from iPhone without much complication has no mystery to you. Simply connect to iTunes or iCloud, login and restore the registry calls your iPhone from the backup. Your history and call logs will be immediately updated to your iPhone and you will get all your dialed, missed or received.

    2. Software to restore call logs iPhone - Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone

    Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone is a product that has been created just for the users of the Apple iPhone. Since no one is safe from accidental deletion, this tool will help you recover call history on iPhone. If you release the phone, you suffer an accidental reset, factory reset, update or upgrade, you can trust this software to recover all your deleted data from your iPhone, including call logs, notes, memos and more.

    For iPhone users who do backup of your data, this software useful. If you deleted by mistake call history from your iPhone or lost your data due to a system error, you can always recover lost calls on iPhone using Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone. Without any difficulty, this software retrieves data directly from your iPhone and updates instantly.

    Moreover, if you use the iTunes Backup to store additional copies of your call log and accidental loss of it occurs you can always restore the call log on your iPhone immediately. However, for this software called iPhone recovery work properly, make sure your device is not synced with iTunes Backup, as this could cause complete loss of data.

    Other features offered in this shareware:

    1. You can preview any data you want to recover before starting the process of retrieving iPhone call log. Basically, you can view your call history before restoring.
    2. It comes with an interface of the most simple and easy to use making it affordable even for the less familiar.
    3. The software is not limited only to iPhones, but IOS can be used with other devices. It is also compatible with other operating systems like Windows or Mac among others.

    It is easier to prevent accidental deletion of data, however, thanks to the various services and software as the Recovery of Data for iPhone, iCloud or Backup iTunes can prevent the loss is complete, whether the call log Your iPhone or other important data contained on your iPhone.
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    Five Must-Use WordPress Plugins

    By Mohd Aktar on Thursday, 13 November 2014 | 1 comments
    Since its first launch over a decade ago, WordPress has become one of the most widely used content management systems of the internet. According to statistics published last year, it was used on over 2.2 million of the top websites. One of the best things about WordPress is that it's very easy to customize using plugins - which can be installed right from its dashboard.

    Although it has thousands, there are only a few plugins without which you shouldn't even start using WordPress. Let's see which ones these are.

    1. Akismet

    If you look up "must-use" in a dictionary, you'll find Akismet - it is a plugin that filters out spam comments based on a blacklist and on their general appearance. Comment spam can give you a hard time, but Akismet helps you avoid it altogether. And it's also free for non-commercial sites.

    2. SEO plugins

    This is not a single plugin, but a plugin category, helping Google to easier index your WordPress website and help your articles rank higher in searches. There are three plugins I usually use for SEO: Google XML Sitemaps (that generates an XML sitemap compatible with all major search engines), All in One SEO Pack and WordPress SEO by Yoast. The latter two basically do the same thing - some like one, others like the other.

    3. BulletProof Security

    This plugin will protect your WordPress site against a series of attack types, like XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection. The more popular your blog becomes, the more attacks are likely to be directed against it, so this is also a must-use.

    4. WP Super Cache

    A must-use extension, especially if your WordPress site gets a lot of visitors. The plugin will generate static HTML pages to be served directly by the web server to visitors instead of dynamically generating them with each request, saving you loads of server resources and speeding up your website significantly.

    5. NextGen Gallery

    Photos are an important part of any publication - and NextGen Gallery helps you organize them better for your readers and serve them in various forms through your WordPress website. The plugin provides a powerful engine to upload and manage photo galleries, generate and sort thumbnails, and everything else related to images. It is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, with over 11 million downloads since its first launch.

    NextGEN Gallery is free, but it also has a Pro version offering even more features to its users.

    As you can see, it's not enough to use the most popular CMS, you need the extra functionality provided by some great plugins available free. And if you use them, you will only have to worry about creating great content, while in the rest of time you can sit back, relax, and view the latest casino bonus offers at casinolavida.com
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    How can our baby boomers join the e-society to share their experiences with like-minded people?

    By Mohd Aktar on Wednesday, 12 November 2014 | 0 comments

    Staying connected to your hobbies and passions adds to the quality of life, for both boomers and non-boomers alike. It can, however, be difficult to find individuals who are interested in your pastimes, or have time to do them. While there are several online group forums available, BoomersLink is the foremost location for online groups targeting seniors and baby boomers interests.

    Everyone has their own passions and pursuits. Whether it’s cooking with unique and delicious ingredients, keeping up on recent movies at the theater, or traveling to see Broadway shows; everyone, regardless of background, has some interest or interests that captivate their soul. Finding others to enjoy these leisures can be difficult at times. BoomersLink has created a solution to this problem. The BoomersLink Groups section allows website users to create or join interest groups. Once you are part of a group, you can speak with other group members, arrange activities, or share stories about your hobby.

    “I was pretty surprised by the response to my ice fishing group,” said Dan St. John, a BoomersLink user. “Within the first week of setting up my group, I had 7 people join; I emailed with 3 of those folks; and planned a first fishing trip with 2 others. Not just sharing tall tales of fishing stories, but actually meeting new people and participating. That’s pretty neat.” added St. John.

    Groups have different privacy options. You can create a group and only invite your friends. Or you may create a group and leave it open for anyone to join. This latter option allows other BoomersLink users to search the different groups and potentially join yours.

    “I’m a recently relocated Denver resident. I found several groups that I joined on BoomersLink in my area.” stated Lynn Vail a recent BoomersLink member. “Being in a new area is a little less intimidating if you find a way to meet people who share your interests, or find interest you never knew you had.” said Vail. “I joined the Denver Burger Buddies group, and have now both made a few new friends and tried some of the best burgers in town.”

    Joining a group doesn’t mean you have to meet up though. Groups also serve to simply let people read or participate in group related posts. The IT Group Help group is a question/answer group where individuals with technology experience offer up nuggets of wisdom. Other groups are just photo sharing parties. “I’m a member of a few groups,” said Maude Waddler, a BoomersLink active user. “But the group I find I’m going to the most is the Pet Lovers group. I guess I’m just a sucker for puppy photos.”

    BoomersLink staff member Mark Stevens summed up the Groups section by saying that “The (Groups) section really keeps people connected. Not just with similar interests, or pet photos, but by providing a rich vein of knowledge and experience on a wide range of hobbies, topics, and interest.” If you are interested in a hobby, chances are you are not alone. And sharing that hobby just makes it that much more enjoyable.  Head over to BoomersLink and look in their Groups section – start a group, join a group, and get connected.

    Author Bio

    Boomers link.com helps seniors to meet boomers of their kinds and extend their social network. The virtual friends registered at the website can talk about any topic under the sun and listen to each other.

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    How to Backup Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive?

    By Mohd Aktar on Sunday, 14 September 2014 | 0 comments
    Data stored on cloud drive is critical and so are the aftereffects associated with the data loss. Although, cloud services have offered much to the users and it’s an overwhelming pleasure experiencing these facilities. But there are several limitations to this advanced data storage technology; such as:

    Also read: G Cloud Backup - Google Play Android Apps
    ®     Data stored on cloud cannot be accessible round the clock as it is subject to the internet connectivity and in case of unreliable network, the connection interrupts.
    ®     User does not hold full control over data as any sort of Server downtime situations can leads to loss of accessibility over the data (no matter how important is the task).
    ®     It is even important to remember the username and password credentials to access cloud data and if you have numerous accounts, then hard to remember all such details.
    The major drawback is that if any of the data gets deleted permanently, it becomes difficult or almost impossible to restore it back to the account. So, to avoid the loss of information various methods can be implemented that serves as a repository mediums for cloud data storage.

    Configure MS Outlook to Outlook.com (Hotmail) Profile:

    Also, read: How to extract email addresses from a website (tutorial)

    MS Outlook application can be used as data storage medium. It can be configured to Outlook.com (formerly known as Hotmail) profile and hence, the cloud data can be accessed in the respective application. Since, PST is the proprietary file format of MS Outlook and hence, the emails and all other components are saved on hard disk in the form of PST files. “Account Settings” option in the “Tool” menu is used for configuring MS Outlook to the Hotmail account. The path for PST storage in MS Outlook depends upon the version of Windows as well as the version of the application itself.

    Download Hotmail Data to Thunderbird:

    Another method to download cloud based data to hard disk is via Thunderbird. The Hotmail account can be configured and synched with Thunderbird and thereafter all the hotmail emails can be accessed over in PC based app. Similar to MS Outlook, in Thunderbird too, the accounts can be configured using “Account Settings” option which is available in the “Tools” menu. The data downloaded to this email application is stored on disk automatically.

    Associated Pros and Cons

    When the cloud data is downloaded to any of the desktop-based email apps, it offers to save data on local storage device. Moreover, the downloaded mailbox contents can be viewed without internet connection. Internet connectivity is only required while requesting data from server, once the data is moved to the mailbox, internet is not required for further accessing the same. In addition, it is not required to provide username and password credential each time you need to access data.
    Although, there are many such benefits associated with these above-mentioned approaches but these are entitled to some drawbacks as well. The major drawback is that the PC based email apps occupies good amount of disk space for processing and storing the incorporated data. Therefore, there is a much effective solution as well; that I explored after utilizing all above said techniques and this method proved to be really helpful.

    Alternate Technique to Backup Hotmail Data

    Hotmail Backup Software helps in downloading data from cloud server while delivering supplementary benefits. I used this software to backup my entire cloud data and it did the entire download task in a seamless manner. There are additional features offered by the tool and utilizing those, the backup process can be implemented smoothly without affecting the alternate running processes.

    This tool offered me to store the backup files in MSG, EML, PST and MBOX formats on local storage media. Since these file formats are widely acceptable in distinct email applications; they provides me the benefit to access the Outlook.com data over multiple email application in the form of EML and MBOX. Moreover, now I can view all my hotmail mailbox data on tablets, smart phones, iOS, Linux based devices as well as Windows and Mac based laptops and PCs.
    Author Bio: Years of experience in IT compelled me to write this section on cloud data storage and backup methods. In today’s digital era when everything has gone digitalized, the main issue is to maintain the integrity and security of cloud data so that one holds full control over it and can access it whenever required.
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    Tips On How To Get Free Food Vouchers for Supermarkets?

    By Mohd Aktar on Monday, 25 August 2014 | 0 comments

    Thеѕе fооd vouchers fоr frее fооd соmе directly from fооd mаnufасturеrѕ. Yоu will be соntасtіng thеm. But fіrѕt уоu muѕt prepare. Kеер thе packaging for every іtеm you eat so that you саn rеfеr tо it whеn соntасtіng the mаnufасturеr. With еvеrу mеаl, record what уоu аnd уоur family lіkеd and didn't like about еасh іtеm: tаѕtе, tеxturе, еаѕу оf uѕе, расkаgіng, hоw іt mаdе уоu feel. Wаѕ іt dіffісult ореnіng the tube of Pіllѕburу biscuits? Wrіtе thаt dоwn. Dіd уоu hаvе trouble mixing up уоur bаbу fоrmulа? Wrіtе thаt dоwn. Did уоu аррrесіаtе hоw easy it was fоr уоur twеlvе уеаr оld tо mаkе those сhосоlаtе сhір cookies frоm a mіx? All оf these thіngѕ аrе feedback that manufacturers appreciate. Thіnk оf уоurѕеlf аn evaluator every tіmе you put fооd іn your mоuth. 

    Next, соntасt thе mаnufасturеr. You саn dо thіѕ bу рhоnе, роѕtаl mail, оr еmаіl. Thе соntасt іnfоrmаtіоn mау be on the расkаgіng. If you саnnоt fіnd thе information you nееd on the расkаgіng. Run ѕеаrсh fоr thе іtеm аnd mаnufасturеr as wеll аѕ thе words "Contact Uѕ" оn a gооd search еngіnе like Google. Gіvе them уоur fееdbасk. If уоu саn іnсludе ѕоmеthіng personal tо drаw іn thе rеаdеr аll the bеttеr. At thе еnd аѕk thеm іf thеу hаvе аnу coupons аvаіlаblе tо ѕеnd. Always bе polite.

    Kеер trасk оf whо'vе уоu соntасtеd, fоr what аnd when uѕіng a computer document, a nоtеbооk, whаtеvеr wоrkѕ fоr уоu the best. Write only once еvеrу ѕіx months for еасh рrоduсt thаt уоu uѕе. Aftеr six mоnthѕ write аgаіn.

    Onсе you get your free fооd vouchers, you can use them right away оf course. You can also visit vouchersky for more such offers. Or you can mаxіmіzе them to net уоu еvеn more frее fооd. Yеѕ, you read thаt rіght. Mоrе frее fооd. Rеаd mу аrtісlе, "How tо Use Free Fооd Vouchers аt thе Suреrmаrkеt" tо lеаrn more.

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    The Necessity To Undergo Wordpress Plugin Testing Before Launch

    By Mohd Aktar on Thursday, 26 June 2014 | 0 comments
    Software testing is really important but a lot of people do not even understand what this is. To make everything really simple, software testing is all about 2 processes:
    • Verification – is the software working as it should?
    • Validation – is the software built properly.
    Verification is important as it allows developers to be sure that everything would go well while validation will guarantee that the work done is done properly and well implemented. The exact same thing goes for Wordpress Plugin testing. It is really important to understand that a CMS plugin is basically the same as software.

    Why Wordpress Plugin Testing?

    In the event that you are involved in a project that uses blogs, there is a pretty good possibility that you need some sort of Wordpress plugin testing. At a simple interaction point, this will make sure that your plugin will do exactly what you want it to do before it is rolled out through your company.

    Every single person or company that commissions the creation of a plugin, no matter how complicated it is, needs to actively include testing in the plan. The developers should never be trusted to perform testing. It needs to be the responsibility of those that can test in a really accurate way. The developers cannot be blamed in the event that the plugin is not satisfactory, if requirements are not clear or if they are incomplete. This is actually the very first part of testing.

    When Is Plugin Testing Done?


    High quality plugin testing is similar to software testing by Bug Finders and will basically be with you for the entire development phase. This basically means that you should perform testing as soon as possible. One thing that you may not be aware of is that the testers can even work with packages that are incomplete in order to guarantee fast corrections would be carried out without having to spend a lot of money on it.

    At later development stages, various corrections will be necessary but if they are the same that could have been identified in the beginning, costs would be higher. The most expensive fixes appear when the plugin is finished. Too many believe that this type of testing is just for the end of the project. This belief does lead to a lot of money being wasted.

    The developer is responsible for delivering a plugin that is fault-free. That is sometimes not possible due to various factors but it should be the main aim. Testing every single code piece separately is necessary. That tells you exactly what the result will be when executing code when some conditions are met.

    Testing basically has to begin as soon as possible. Everything mentioned above is also a necessity for other types of testing like:
    •    Component testing
    •    Requirements testing
    •    Integration testing
    •    Performance testing.
    Testing is important for absolutely any type of product or service that you plan to offer, including . You need it in the modern project when computers are involved since you want to be sure that potential shoppers will receive exactly what they paid for. A failure to do that can lead towards a huge financial loss for the company. It is not something that you want to be faced with.

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