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    FireChat now allows private messaging without network

    By Mohd Aktar on Friday, 31 July 2015 | 0 comments

    FireChat, the messaging app that you can send messages without a data connection. We all know Whatsapp, Line and Telegram, and many other messaging applications, but a new option by FireChat where you do not need internet connection for sending messages.

     FireChat now allows private messaging without network

    Open Garden is responsible for that FireChat. This private messaging system offline is now available for those users who are looking to communicate without having to rely on the data coverage and Internet Mobile phone.

    But FireChat messages travel from sender to receiver user? It is very simple, the application creates a mesh network using Bluetooth and WiFi P2P, thus being able to transmit information between devices that are within about 60 meters away. This network increases in size as a growing number of users by FireChat, since messages "jump" from device to device until the recipient.

    Also, read: WeChat, a new alternative to WhatsApp

    FireChat private messages are encrypted from the beginning to the end of the transmission process, which are only the sender and receiver have access to content.

    With this system of messaging we say goodbye to traditional networks, giving way to a system in which users operate as direct recipients do not need to rely on data rates to communicate.

    Of course, we keep in mind that the speed sent also depend on the number of people making use of FireChat. According to notes from the company, in a city where 5% of the population had their mobile application installed, the message delivery time would be 10 minutes.

    The application is free, but we must not forget that it has many rivals in the market. We have to wait to see if the immediacy of other applications can with FireChat, or if on the contrary, the fact of not having to rely on Internet takes this app to be among the most used.
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    Windows 10: The Quick Review

    By Mohd Aktar on Thursday, 30 July 2015 | 0 comments

     Windows 10 Quick Review

    Windows 10 was released yesterday. Congratulations to Microsoft

    Did my upgrade to windows 10 and all went well and it was super easy. Nothing super amazing about it though.

    Windows 10 Review: Overall, its a good experience using Windows 10. There were a few graphic related hiccups with nVidia GPU users but they played quickly and released a driver for it and now the graphics are vivid.

    I must admit that Microsoft has played a good part with Edge. The UI of Microsoft Edge is good and non cluttered.

    If you are upgrading from Windows 7 to 10, then you will have a high time understanding the new and confusing settings of 10. However, if you have been using 8, 8.1 earlier, it shouldn't be a problem familiarizing yourself with those settings.

    If you are not an advanced computer user, then I recommend to stay with your current version as you are prone to encounter bugs and errors. If you have a habit of getting solutions from Google like me, then you shouldn't have a problem with Windows 10.

    My rating: 3.5 out of 5
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    3 Reasons To Watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan

    By Mohd Aktar on Sunday, 19 July 2015 | 0 comments

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan‬ is one of those, which makes you realize the power of cinema in bringing along a massive change. Less Salman, more content.. Cinema wins here.

    Mixed reviews are coming about Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Few cried in the cinema hall, and few are telling nonsense. A highly emotive script. Kudos for the story to Rajmouli's dad Vijayendra Prasad.

    Salman has gone out of his classic way of action movies to Emotional movie. The theme is very nicely picked up on Hindu-Muslim & India-Pakistan.

    The little cute kid 'Munni' has so far done a very good job. The first half is okay, but 2nd half would be needed to give complete & overall word on the movie.

    One good part about this is the movie released on EID, Directors, actors & producers are Muslims & the theme is Hindu. Beautifully balanced.

    Nawazuddin Siddiqui yet again outscores Salman Khan in the laughs and applause department in his entry scene.

    Here are 3 reasons to watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

    1. Harshaali Malhotra (Munni) brilliant performance. She just speaks one word in Film, but her emotions can bring tears to your eyes.

    2. Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Pakistani Reporter) - Another awesome role of Nawazuddin. He plays a piller role of the film.

    3. Salman Khan - Maybe you don't like much Salman but this time he has done a remarkable job. He has injected the role of Bajrangi Bhaiyya in himself with speaking emotions.
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    Fasting Rules During Ramadan For Working People

    By Mohd Aktar on Saturday, 27 June 2015 | 0 comments

    A good Muslim abides with the Ramadan rules as well as goes on well with his daily office chores according to shariah. However, there are some simple rules to keep yourself active at work place during Ramadan.

    Work During Lunch Time

    Ask your employer that you will work during lunch time and leave early in evening. Else you can also take a short nap in your lunch break after prayers to feel energetic for the rest of day.

    To Avoid Thirst At Work

    To prevent thirst at work, drink a lot of water or fruit at suhur time so that you will be hydrated during the day. This will also avoid tiredness at work place.

    Avoid Useless Talks

    If you have many friends in office, it is quite likely that you will always love talking to them whenever you are free. However in the holy month of Ramadan avoid these long chats. This will not only make your fast makruh (spoil) but will also drain out your energy. So to be productive at work avoid chats.

    Avoid Late Shift Or Night Shift

    Since you have to wake up during night for suhur and complete night prayers, so you can request your employer to adjust your timings for day during the month of Ramadan. If you are always dedicated for your work, your boss will definitely allow to you work during the day.

    Avoid Gossip

    If you find free time in office, dedicate this time for prayers or read Quran online (since proper care would be taken to carry Quran to office) rather than indulging in gossip and wasting this month of blessing. This is one of the simple rules to follow at office during Ramadan.

    Have Patience

    If you are fasting during Ramadan while working then show patience. If any of your colleague tries your patience and makes you feel irritated, be calm and have patience. Tell him that you are fasting and you can't argue.

    Don't Sleep

    To avoid sleepiness during Ramadan at work, sleep well after fajar prayers. Doing this will not make you tired and sleepy at work.

    Arrange For Iftar

    If many other employees are fasting along with you, then you can arrange a place in your office such as a canteen place for breaking fast (iftar) together. You will get more blessings in the month of Ramadan if you invite others for iftar.

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    30 Signs That Will Tell You About Growing up in the 90s

    By Mohd Aktar on Wednesday, 17 June 2015 | 0 comments
    This is the list I have collected that will remind you about growing up in the glorious time of 90s  (I was 15, before the 90s ended).

    1. The best innovative idea of those days… taught by my elder brother.  Back in the day when we actually used cassette tapes on a regular basis, their capacity was sufficient for the time, but by today's standard the capacity would be minuscule.

    2. This was the password mechanism used by parents to lock the phone those days…

    3. This is the most favorite program on TV and everyone in family waited for the Sunday every week for this.

    4. Best animation program of that time….

    5. Magnetic Pencil box.., Prized belonging of every kid.

    6. Cant imagine now.. how we waited so patiently those days…

    7. This was an usual annoying stuff to be seen in the monitors…

    8. We really believed this was Japanese technology and used to admire as kids…

    9. The one thing that made kids feel like geniuses in maths class.

    10. Music collection meant this and not CDs, MP3s or ipods.

    11. The best friends of every kid in 90’s.

    12. Boys felt like 007 with this toy gun.

    13. Most common clip on TV those days…

    14. Favorite characters of all kids.. never felt tired watching.

    15. Not too many choices with very few TV channels.. but we still had many favorite shows.

    16. Video game in those days meant only this – the brick game. but this created a sensation among kids more than candy crush saga now.

    17. Favorite drink.

    18. These pencils were considered elite during 90’s and it made heads turn when someone used it.

    19. This was real fun.

    20. Pan pasand… best candy those days.

    21. The boys dream of riding this.

    22. Camera meant only this and not digital. Every shot was precious and not to be wasted.

    23. Tiring job when school reopened after vacation.

    24. A good substitute for real cola.

    25. Most favorite summer special..!

    26. Those who grew up in the 90’s can easily recognize this..

    27. School PT master insisted to use this daily, but we ignored..

    28. Monday’s special white shoes.

    29. Toys that each came free with Complan, created a collection spree among kids.

    30. Music lovers had one, the ‘ever-struck’ machine.

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    How a Dedicated Server can improve your website's SEO?

    By Mohd Aktar on Saturday, 30 May 2015 | 0 comments
    Can a dedicated server really improve your website’s SEO?  This is a question that is often asked and rarely answered correctly.  There are many different factors that affect a website’s SEO ranking, one of which is the site speed.   Serious website operators who wish to maintain the best possible page rank & SEO in general will benefit from a dedicated server.   

    Dedicated Server & Website Speed 

    Google and several other search engines have added website speed (or average load time) to their list of parameters for judging a website’s rank.  While the site speed only accounts for a small percentage of the ranking (1% in the case of Google), that is a very large percentage to lose for something so simple.  Dedicated servers ensure faster speeds for your website by decreasing load times and offering more dedicated resources for the website.  Virtual solutions share resources and this can cause slow load times especially at peak hours.  
    Utilizing a dedicated server will give your website its own set of resources to work with and isolate it from other user’s issues.  This provides numerous advantages to your website and will increase your websites speed and decrease loading time in general.  Dedicated server providers, such as Prolime Host, can offer these solutions at a much lower cost than initially expected, particularly with the recent advances in hosting technology.  All of this results in an improved speed ranking and this better SEO for your website. 

    Dedicated Server, Dedicated IP 

    Dedicated servers offer dedicated IPs by default.  This means your website will have its own dedicated IP address not shared with other users or other websites.  While Google and many other search engines rank virtual and dedicated sites the same, there are some occasions in which having a shared (virtual) IP can be detrimental.  This is particularly true if another website using the same IP as your website commits an offense such as spam or adult content.  This would cause a negative impact on your page rank / SEO. 

    Having a dedicated server with a dedicated IP ensures that your website will not run into issues caused by other domains on the same IP and this has a positive impact on your page rank and SEO (indirectly).  It is also a preventative measure to ensure your page rank / SEO are not affected negatively by another website’s actions. 

    Google and other search engines do not negatively rate virtually hosted sites with shared IPs however the risk to the website owner is the same.  As a website grows it will require more resources and more bandwidth in general.  Utilizing a dedicated server ensures these resources will be available for the website and thus maintain the speed and keep the load times of the website down.  Virtual / Shared hosting does not offer this advantage and can cause bottlenecks or slow speed as a website grows.   

    The reasons mentioned above demonstrate that a dedicated server is ideal for hosting any SEO sensitive website.  Choosing a dedicated server with a dedicated IP instead of shared hosting ensures a stable environment for your website and increase speed which results in better page ranking and page SEO in general.
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    Why A Professional Logo Sourced From Crowdsourcing Marketplace Could Boost Your Brand?

    By Mohd Aktar on Monday, 18 May 2015 | 0 comments

    Given the hefty charges for graphic designs, businesses really break a bank to be able to afford high-quality, creative and durable logo design. Enter online crowdsourcing contest based platforms such as Designhill. These days, sourcing great logo that shares your passion, drive and vision for business now comes at a fraction of what most design agencies charge. Mashable reveals that logo design contest based sites have made it possible for businesses, especially small businesses and startups, to level the playing field. 

    Well, now there’s no reason why your business can’t source a great logo to boost your brand. Don’t think a crowdsourced logo is so crucial to your company’s growth? If that’s what you really believe, then read on to learn how a crowdsourced logo can help you take your business to the next level.

    Brand Recall:

    In order to give your business that much need boost, you would want to make your brand memorable and timeless. In most cases, crowdsourced custom designed logos are high on brand recall value making it possible for you to establish a strong brand identity, garner media mileage and create a recall value around your brand, without having to clean your company’s back account.

    First Impression: 

    As a business, you have just one chance for a first impression. Remember, the image that you present for your company at the first glance is most significant and there’s no opportunity for a “do-over.” And this is where logos sourced from crowdsourcing marketplaces make for an optimal solution for businesses like you. Such logos are capable of taking the vital elements of your brand and showcasing them to your target audience in a way that’s even more awesome. Quite expectedly, crowdsourced logos are able to win you that great first impression.


    Great logos ensure your brand’s credibility and reliability amongst consumers. Remember, if your logo isn’t great, in any way, it can throw customers off.  But it’s often too difficult to find such logos. And even you manage to find one such logo; you’ll end up spending an arm and a leg to source that logo. However, logos sourced from crowdsourcing marketplaces have more power and presence than you might realize. A crowdsourced logo builds your brand’s credibility among consumers and prospects. Contests on logo design by Designhill and other crowdsourcing marketplaces offer endless opportunities to source logos that pack in enough punch to evoke credibility and trust amongst consumers.


    It is important to stay away from clichéd concepts when sourcing logos for your business, especially if you’re trying to make your impact in the market. But in the jungle of logo designs, even the most discerning of souls may fall prey to the tricky trap of clichéd logos. Remember, if your logo looks the same as someone else’s, it will not help you your business stand apart from the crowd. But the solution to this problem is relatively simple. Try crowdsourcing your logo design requisites! Crowdsourcing means getting as many as hundred responses—or more—to your logo design project. So, you won’t have to worry about downright cringe-worthy clichéd logotypes.


    Remember for customers, your logo is a stamp of your business. It’s what you do and what you specialize in. A shoddy-looking logo can turn clients away even without you realizing it. But a professionally designed logo yields enough power to speak a ton about the high-quality of your services and products and your brand’s professionalism. And that’s something that will boost your brand in the ever-competitive market. Logos sourced from crowdsourcing marketplaces emphasize your brand message in the best way and help you position your brand as a professional one.

    Want that logo now? Try crowdsourcing sites like Designhill. With a huge network of freelance designers, custom logo designs by Designhilll artists will run you to only a few hundred dollars or even less. With crowdsourcing contests, you won’t have to shell out thousands just to get the professional-looking logo your brand needs.

    Author Bio
    Arthesh Gobari is a graphic designer working with www.designhill.com. He has published several articles, blogs and columns on topics related to graphic design, social media, startups, SEO techniques and e-commerce. Follow me on Twitter

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    What to do during an Earthquake: Safety tips

    By Mohd Aktar on Thursday, 30 April 2015 | 0 comments

    Tips for Earthquake Safety

    Nepal has just been hit by a massive earthquake which measures 7.9 on Richter scale. It is essential for you to know safety measures to be taken during an earthquake. So, what to do when an uninviting earthquake hits you?

    Since fresh concerns have emerged about countries being disaster ready, here I bring you some safety tips that might help you survive an earthquake.

    What to do during an Earthquake: Safety tips

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    Top Apps for Cricket World Cup

    By Mohd Aktar on Wednesday, 25 February 2015 | 1 comments
    It's Cricket World Cup season and you are stuck at office. What do you do? Well, i personally wouldn't go to office in the first place during an India match. But, I usually avail these free servicees to stay updated of live scores, ball by ball commentary and results.


    ESPN Android and iOS application   is a treasure trove if you're fond of sports  .  It is the official application coming from the prestegious   prestigious chain  of ESPN television network. It offers detailed and thorough information on all major sports including Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, e.t.c. as well as some minor sporting leagues. With many videos and news that are updated hourly, you can follow live action without any hassle. In my opinion, it is one of the best choices for watching ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.


    Cricinfo is a dedicated website and network completely focused on Cricket. It has a wide presence in India and not to mention, it also comes from the line of ESPN. It is one of the best platforms to stay connected with live updates of Cricket World Cup as it is one of the official partners of ICC along with Cricbuzz. If it is banned by your network, you can check out cricinfoscores.com for an alternative.


    Although, Cricbuzz is not as popular as Cricinfo before, after colloboration with ICC World Cup this year it became one of the leading Sports networks in India as well as other participating nations. It is Quick, simple and effective. It is the only all under one roof website offering results, ball by ball commentary, Live score updates, highlights, match analysis, odds and predictions. You can check Cricbuzzz.in as well

    Star Sports

    This is one of the underrated websites in India. I'm not talking about the ratings, it is poorly marketed because most of the people aren't aware of it's website. As you might be aware, it is the only network offering Live telecast of all World Cup matches in TV. What you might not know is that it is also offering Live streaming on it's website for free.

    Thank you for reading. Hope you find this information helpful.

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    Tips on Selling Unwanted Items

    By Mohd Aktar on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 | 0 comments

    With trends and technology rapidly changing, it is no wonder that we accumulate so many gadgets and other belongings that we no longer use. Most people enjoy shopping and go shopping every time there is a sale, but they do not even wear the clothes they already have in their closets. Your home can start to get cluttered and look messy with all the extra stuff you have lying around. Getting rid of the things no longer can free up some space in your home, while also giving you some extra money. Here are some tips on selling unwanted items:

    1. Clothes

    Often times we buy clothes that still have the tag on them, and after a while it becomes obvious that they are never going to be worn. There can be multiple reasons for this, for example, the clothes might not fit as well as you would like them to, or the colour may not suit your skin tone. Whatever the reason is, the main point to remember is that they will only take up space sitting in your closet. If you buy clothes from high end stores, such as Aritzia or Holt Renfrew, you can make a lot of money by selling the clothes online.

    All you need to do is sell the clothes for about ten or twenty dollars less than what you paid for them, depending on how much the particular item of clothing cost you. If you are not keen on selling clothes online, you can try going into used goods stores that will buy your clothes and sell them onto others for charity purposes. Usually, you will get a better rate if you sell them online; as if you go to a store they will try to offer you significantly less than the retail value. With all the extra money you make, you can go get a massage, or anything else that will be relaxing.

    2. Electronics

    There are new versions of cell phones being released every few months, and it seems that no matter how hard you try, you can never keep up with the current cell phone without spending hundreds of dollars. You may also like to regularly update your laptop, computer and other electronics. Electronic devices are always in demand, especially used ones, as people try to get a good deal on used electronics. If you bought a new computer because your old one broke, you can look up computer repair Edmonton, on the internet and find a company that will repair it for you. Once it is repaired, you can sell it off to someone else and make a bit of money from that. Similarly, if you have a phone with a scratch on it, you can get the screen replaced and sell it on sites such as Kijiji.
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